Nissan PH to introduce e-Power hybrid vehicles later this year

Nissan PH to introduce e-Power hybrid vehicles later this year

MANILA: Nissan has perfected its electric vehicle (EV) technology over the 10-plus years since the launch of the Leaf — the world's first mass market EV.


  • How does Nissan's e-Power work?

    Nissan's e-Power technology combines a gasoline engine and electric motor from EVs like the Leaf. The e-motor and battery provides propulsion while the gas engine's only role is to charge the battery.
  • What will be the benefits of e-Power?

    With the gasoline engine only assisting the electric drivetrain, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption are reduced, Nissan said.
  • Later this year, the carmaker is set to introduce a new way of driving with the launch of e-Power technology in the Philippines, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) said. 

    E-Power is a 100% electric motor-driven system that provides a powerful and smooth drive, because the wheels are completely powered by the electric motor. The electricity for propulsion is generated by a highly efficient gasoline engine charges the high-performance lithium-ion battery pack.

    This means that e-Power delivers an EV-like drive that is powerful, smooth, and quiet without the need for external charging, thereby also serving as a gateway to full EV ownership.

    In developing the powertrain, the Japanese automotive manufacturer revolutionized the existing technology by further reducing the weight of the components, developing more responsive motor control methods, and optimizing overall energy management. 

    Nissan Juke Hybrid

    E-Power greatly improves the daily drive, whether in the city, on the highway, or even on quiet rides in the neighborhood.

    The gasoline engine is fuel-efficient, as it is set to run at an optimal speed and only operates when needed to charge the battery. 

    Nissan's e-Power delivers powerful and smooth acceleration, with the system able to deliver massive torque almost instantly and enhancing drive response. Acceleration is also smoother thanks to precise electric motor control. 

    The technology also gives a new level of control. With the e-Pedal Step feature, drivers can accelerate and decelerate down to a crawl using only the accelerator pedal. Easing off the accelerator slows the car down. This feature makes driving in both stop-and-go traffic and speeding through highways more convenient.

    Nissan Qashqai e-Power

    The e-Pedal Step also has regenerative braking that generates electricity even with slight deceleration, reducing the operation time of the engine making it more fuel efficient.

    Because it is powered by a battery pack, the e-Power system is quieter than a traditional gasoline-powered car. The system also monitors the wheels to assess road roughness, activating the on-board engine when road noise increases to charge the battery without disrupting the cabin.

    Drivers can also choose between three driving modes with e-Power.  Sport Mode (S mode) prioritizes the motorist's individual driving style while taking advantage of regenerative braking. Eco mode conserves battery by balancing acceleration smoothness and regenerative braking. Lastly, Standard mode highlights acceleration with modest regenerative braking.

    Photos from Nissan

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