Nürburgring-conquering all-new Audi RS Q8 now available here

Nürburgring-conquering all-new Audi RS Q8 now available here

MANILA: Every new Audi RS model undergoes testing and fine tuning at the renowned Nürburgring track in Germany. All high-performance vehicles, whether SUV, crossover, coupe, or sedan, go through at least 8,000 km of testing and development work.

Through these, Audi Sport determines how the suspension and powertrain components of RS models perform under harsh conditions. The same applies with all-new 2021 Audi RS Q8

What serves  as evidence of the intense dynamism of the Audi Sport’s leading Q model is the ability of the RS Q8 to lap the North Loop of the Nürburgring in seven minutes and 42,253 seconds, which is currently the fastest time achieved by a production SUV at the challenging track. 

Audi Philippines provides the local market the chance to discover the capacity of the all-new 2021 RS Q8 which brings racetrack performance to the road. 

All-new 2021 Audi RS Q8

The exterior of the all-new, 2021 RS Q8 is distinguished by the presence of 23-inch sport alloy wheels, an RS roof-edge spoiler and rear skirt that has a diffuser clip to offer enhanced downforce, broad Quattro blisters above the wheel arches that provide greater space for the more generous wheel track of the model, HD Matrix headlamps, side air inlets and other trim pieces, an RS-specific radiator grille, and Singleframe.  

One major factor that enables the all-new, 2021 RS Q8 to have a record-setting performance is its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged TFSI V8 engine that generates 800Nm of torque and 600hp of output, which can accelerate the SUV from zero to 100kph in only 3.8 seconds, and to 200kph in 13.7 seconds.    

Power is accompanied by a unique voluminous sound from the dual exhaust system that is finished by oval tailpipes. The sound output of the engine can be tuned through the Audi drive select system, which can also change the dynamic response and handling of the vehicle. 

Despite the increased power, the all-new, 2021 RS Q8 is fuel-efficient owing to a mild-hybrid system that can allow the vehicle to cruise for a maximum of 40 seconds with the engine turned off. The cylinder-on-demand system of the engine also aids the vehicle and has the capability to disable some of the cylinders for reduction of fuel consumption. 

Similar to all RS models, the all-new, 2021 RS Q8 is fitted with the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system of Audi Sport that separates the drive power between the rear and front axles based on available traction. An eight-speed tiptronic transmission brings the power of the engine to the Quattro system. 

The all-new 2021 RS Q8 comes standard with the RS active air suspension sport with controlled damping, which can be adjusted for dynamic handling while maintaining the model's intrinsically seamless and comfortable ride.

The all-wheel steering system, RS sport exhaust, and large RS ceramic brakes all contribute to the improvement of the model’s performance.

The various features and innovations of the flagship SUV can also be introduced to customers from their own homes using Audi Live View. This completely virtual luxury experience allows clients to communicate in real time, using a smartphone, with an Audi product expert at an Audi Philippines showroom. 

When it comes to its interior, the all-new, 2021 RS Q8 takes pride in special RS graphics and displays in the MMI and Audi virtual cockpit, including a flat-bottom steering wheel, illuminated door sill trim, RS emblems on the sport seats, and shift light, that enhance the model.

All-new 2021 Audi RS Q8 interior

Other inclusions to the luxury features of the RS Q8 are the soft-closing doors, an extended leather package, carbon fiber trim, a superior Bang & Olufsen audio system, seats with massage function, and the air quality package.  

The all-new 2021 RS Q8 combines exceptional design and excellent performance with the flexibility and space of a luxury SUV.  

Photos from Audi Philippines

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