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Some of the best automotive inventions & innovations by the Filipinos

Some of the best automotive inventions & innovations by the Filipinos

MANILA: There is no shortage of talent and enthusiasm among the Pinoys, there? Over time, we have witnessed several Filipinos coming up with some cool and stupendous inventions & innovations in different fields & industries. Having said that, how come the automobile space be void of Philippine talent then? Today, we have a look at some of the most exciting automotive inventions & innovations by the Filipinos.

Water Gasoline

Water Gasoline

For at least once if not more we have wanted our vehicles to run on water, right? Considering the ever-rising fuel prices, and the damage they do to the environment, vehicles using water as a fuel would be a blessing to both the environment and us. In the Philippines, as soon as we think about water-powered automobiles, the name that pops-up is Noli Dazo.

Not only Noli Dazo made a vehicle run on H2O but was also awarded the “Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines” in the field of Innovative Products Invention. Dazo is a graduate from Southern Nevada in Computer Science and Engineering and believes that "Water Gasoline" could be the right kind of fuel to power the likes of jeepneys and tricycles thanks to the hydrogen fuel's high power as compared to gasoline or diesel. Also, "Water Gasoline" is highly environment-friendly due to its nature of not generating emissions.

3-in-1 Fire Truck

3-in-1 Fire Truck

A lot of us dream of becoming a fire-fighter after growing up. We guess late Alfredo M. Anos Sr. had the same vision, and that led to the birth of the Anos Fire Ambulance and Rescue Vehicle (AFARV). Gifted with the title of “Godfather of Filipino Inventors”, the Anos Fire Ambulance and Rescue Vehicle (AFARV) is a three-in-one rescue vehicle, fire truck, and ambulance.

"Its triple capability allows firefighters and emergency workers to simultaneously put out fire, rescue people and animals, and provide first aid treatment to the injured. The ambulance and rescue fire truck uses compressed air foam system that is five to seven times more efficient than plain water in putting out fire", said Angelo Palmones, president of Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya para sa Mamamayan, (AGHAM). The “Penetrator” and the “Patriot” fire trucks are the other vehicles that Anos Research Manufacturing manufactures.


After a 14-year long developmental process, 74-year old Roberto Celis was finally able to bring out his "Hydrogasifier" that used water as a supplemental fuel for every kind of internal combustion engines that use gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hybrid or bio-fuel. As a result, the Hydrogasifier reduces the emissions and the release of harmful gases into the environment.

"It utilizes the hot exhaust gases from the engine to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases that are immediately introduced into the combustion chamber to completely burn the fuel," Celis said in an exclusive interview with the Philippines News Agency in his shop in Marikina City. Furthermore, the Hydrogasifier not only reduces fuel consumption by 30% to 50% but also increased the power produced by the engine. The best part? The emissions contain 6.5% to 7.6% of Oxygen.

Salamander Amphibious Tricycle

Salamander Amphibious Tricycle

After the Hydrogasifier, Water Gasoline, and a 3-in-1 Fire Truck, how about a tricycle that can take you both on land and water? Built by H20 Technologies and Atoy Llave, the person behind “A-Toy Bodykits", the "H2O Salamander" houses a 5KW electric motor or a 250cc gasoline engine. The Salamander can accommodate up to six people while running on land and up to four persons while on water. "I’ve already achieved so much in the car business. Now, I want to leave behind a legacy. I want to produce something that will help people", said Llave. The Salamander is built for giving back to the world, and Atoy Llave wants the government to join the team in realising the dream called "Salamander" by developing production models of the tricycle.

Flying Sports Car

Yeah, we saved the best for last. Called the "Koncepto Millenya", this touted to be the "Smallest Flying Sports Car" is invented by Kyxz Mendiola. The work on the prototype began in the early 2010s and Mendiola used his own money and some resources from friends and relatives to build the flying car.

General characteristics

  • Crew: One pilot

  • Capacity: 80 to 100 kg (180 to 220 lb) payload


  • Powertrain: 16 rotary motors and 6 lithium-ion batteries

  • Maximum speed: 60 kmph

  • Flight duration: 15 min

  • Service ceiling: 7.6 m ( ft)

  • Charge time: 2.5 hours

A YoutTube video demonstrating Koncepto Millenya's flight has already been viewed for almost 6 million times. Following the publicity, Mendiola was invited on ANC's Future Perfect Tech Shorts and has partnered with Star 8 for manufacturing final commercial versions of his invention.

solar car

Filipinos aren't behind anyone, right? The inventions and innovations we discussed further act as the testaments of the capabilities that the Filipinos possess. We hope newer and better inventions and innovations keep rolling out from the Philippines in the future as well.

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