5 Dumb Mistakes people do while buying a used car

  • Sep 07, 2017

Buying a used car can be tricky for the ones who are buying their first car and don’t have much knowledge about it. In such cases, the chances of being fooled, or making a wrong decision increase. Where most of the users are not able to judge the right price for a used car, there are some that indulge themselves in other mistakes which make their used car buying experience a bad one. So, here we have listed such 5 dumb mistakes that you should avoid while buying a used car.

1) Inspecting the car in dark

Usually, when a user visits to check out a used car, it is not shiny and pretty that one sees on a showroom floor.  There are chances that your selected used car might be parked in a dimly lit garage, or at the road under the street light. In such cases, the visibility might not be good and chances of not noticing the major areas where the car needs work increases. This is one of the major mistakes that people quite often do and later realized that car is not exactly the same as they witnessed.

Lesson: You should always inspect a car in the bright light of the day in order to get acquainted with its condition in an effective manner.

2) Ignoring the signs of rust


Rusting on the car

When one gets a mouth watering deal, the probability of ignoring the bubbling paint and floorboards increases. Even if the car is a limited edition and hard to find anywhere else you tend to avoid how much rework is required. But, the mouth watering deal can soon turn out to be a bad nightmare as the cost of rework will be very high. You might discover that your dream car is not as pristine as you thought and will soon realize that you are visiting a mechanic quite frequently.

Lesson: The rust visible on the car’s body is just the 10 percent of the actual rust, make sure you check the nearby areas thoroughly to get an exact idea how much work is required.

3) Cheap luxury cars


Who will not like driving a Merc S-Class or BMW 7-Series? May be a few but, if you are considering to buy a used luxury car that is almost a decade old then be very cautious. No doubt you will get a very good deal on your dream car but, the maintenance part of these high-end cars will soon be a heavy burden on you. Any major damage will cost you a hefty amount and your overall maintenance cost will be too high. A number of customers opt for luxury used cars just to define their social status and soon discover that maintaining a high-end car is not that easy.

Lesson: If you are looking to get a high-end used car, look for the remaining warranties and guarantee and service history carefully.

4) Not exploring many options

It is quite often that people buy a used car from their closed circle. When they are buying a car from their known individual, they also believe that the car will be in a good condition as they know the person quite well. But, there is a major difference between knowing the person and the car. Without checking more options people buy and then realize that the car is having some serious trouble.

Lesson: Never rely on just one option, explore around where you can find the desired car in a better condition.

5) Paying too much

Until you get a detailed vehicle condition report, you will not be able to judge the right price of a used car and most of the people face problems in this aspect. Overpaying is a common mistake that most of the buyers do and the real problem is the buyers don’t want to invest their time and money in a proper inspection of the car. There are a number of buyers that think getting a vehicle condition report is not worth and end up paying more.

Lesson: Always invest time in doing the research and analyzing the vehicle’s condition.


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