Benefits of Purchasing Certified Used Cars

  • May 18, 2016

MANILA: Planning to buy a car? Is budget not allowing you to go for a new one? Well, a used car can be the best option for you. If you are too reluctant to buy a used car and can't figure out how to check it mechanically on your own, the best would be to go with expert advice. There are many ways to find out if a particular used car is up to the mark and will not ditch you for a couple of years, but the trusted one would be to go and intensively check it with someone who has knowledge of this field. In case you don't know anyone who can investigate on your behalf, you should better go for certified used cars. It's easy to find these certified used car garages in your city through the internet and the best part is that you can rely on them for various reasons. Check out what benefits you purchase a certified used car instead of purchasing a self-inspected used car -

Intensively Checked by Experts

Checked By Experts

Yes, the best part of purchasing a used car from such garages is that they are intensively checked and evaluated by the experts. The manufacturer-trained mechanics conduct a comprehensive inspection over a hundred components to find if the car is in good condition over and under the hood to put on the road for a run. If any significant issues with the car are traced, either they are scrapped or rectified to the best. Since the inspection is done by experts, you can completely rely on their expertise and go for a car which is recommended.

No Additional Maintenance Expenses

Car maintenance

Since you have purchased a certified used car and it has been through the checklist, you can sit and relax without worrying about any additional expenses on the maintenance and servicing. Driving a used car surely comes with a risk of unexpected expenses on breakdowns and repair costs but buying a certified used car definitely lower that risk. Defective parts, worn and broken parts have already been replaced with the new spares and so if any breakdowns happen, they will not burn your pocket that deep.

High Resale value

High resale value

This is one of the important factors which motivate the buyers to go for certified used cars instead of non CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) cars. Since used cars have to go through a stringent inspection process to obtain a certification from the experts and not every other car can pass that, the resale value of these cars are really good. Used cars have to meet certain conditions, quality and mileage requirements and if the car is found suitable for the certification, it surely gets a potential price much higher than a non CPO car with same physical and mechanical condition.

Covered Under Extended Warranty

Extended warranty

Certified pre-owned cars usually come with extended warranty which is exclusively offered by the certification garage. Once the warranty by the original manufacturer runs out, it is always a tension for the owner that s/he has to bear with big maintenance and repair expenses, especially with the pre-owned cars. Though certified used cars come with a warranty, but it is restricted to specific components, drive train system and engine. It would be better if you understand the warranty terms before finalizing your purchase to avoid any dispute in future.

Surely a certified used car will cost you more than a non-certified used car but with so many benefits in tow, it would be a wise decision to shed some extra bucks and earn peace of mind.

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