Car Maintenance Myths Smashed

  • May 26, 2016

Owning a car is a prized possession for many of us but when it comes to maintenance of the same we simply go blindfolded on what the mechanic says. But, have you ever wondered what exactly is right for your car and if the (mechanic) is saying all truth? Possibly not, we simply rely on the advice which the car’s user manual says or probably what the mechanic advises us. Trusting blindly on your mechanic is also not a wise option because this can cost you more than you can ever imagine. A penny saved is a penny earned and that’s all, as middle-class men we want. Nobody wants his/her hard earned money to go in vain so here are some of the car maintenance myths, which you need not trust.

Periodic oil change

oil change

Gone are the days when the oil change was a mandatory practice after every 3000 Km or 5000 Kms. The time has changed so do the technology powering today’s road machines. Be it German manufacturer or Japanese auto producer, each has technology-rich vehicles in their stables, which don't need an oil change every 5000 Kms. rather require a change after 10,000 to 15,000 kms. This is also a recommended value by the manufacturers mentioned in the user manual of your car. Next time if a mechanic tries to fool you with the number of Kms your car’s oil needs to be changed then beware! However, the purpose of your vehicle is another important factor that is accountable in this case. For example, if your car’s monthly run is within city boundaries and you hardly hit highways for that matter then the oil change interval would differ than the one, which hits expressways often.

Car Idling

idle car

Another popular myth is the car idling, which is famous for warming up the car’s engine. In early days, this practice was quite prominent but with the modern engines in use in today’s cars, this has changed. You only need a couple of seconds to get the things going and the best way to get your car warmed up is to drive it. Driving a car charges the catalytic converter and few more mechanical parts of the same, which helps the car to run smoothly. However, it is advisable to turn off the engine when you are keeping it idle for more than 10 seconds, this would help in improving your car’s fuel economy.

Scratch removal

car scratches

It is a false perception that wax can get rid of all your car’s scratches. What exactly wax does is that it forms an illusion layer over your car’s paint and it is just a short term solution for your problem. With a couple of rain showers, this layer fades away leaving you with the same problem again.

Wheel alignment and balancing are necessary

wheel alignment

You must have been told by your car’s workshop manager that with every service of your car you need to get the wheel alignment and balancing fixed, but this is one of those popular myths that are prevailed in today’s world. Wheel alignment and balancing have nothing to do with how many Kilometres your car has run rather in the case if your car glides to one side despite normal cruising. It is generally required when your car gets thrashed by a stone or goes through a big pothole or you have installed new tyres in your car or your car’s tyres are worn unevenly or if your car’s suspension isn’t in the best of its health.

Get ready for winters

car winters

You need not replace the car’s battery, oil or tyres for the winters. With advancement in the automobile world, today’s cars are equipped with modern equipment and machinery that don’t require any kind of replacement with a weather change. Hence, follow the recommended advice from your car’s manufacturer and stick with a regular schedule to get your car serviced.

Jumpstart charges your car’s battery

jumpstart car

It is a false perception that your car’s battery gets charged with a jump start. Although, your car gets a jump to start and ready to cruise but it doesn’t mean that the battery is 100% fit. There are a lot of equipment fitted inside your car that consumes battery like audio system, heater, lights and more. Making them run smoothly you require a fully charged battery. You should take your car to a nearby garage or a servicing station to get it charged.


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