Car Seat Stains and their Removal Technique

  • May 19, 2016

MANILA: Any seat, be it your car's, couch or toilet needs to be stain free. Isn't it? And stop us if we care wrong anywhere, which we doubt we are not, as a stained seat is not only bad to look at but is also capable of raising certain health issues.

Well, to take care of our couch and toilet there are ample amount of products in the market that we all are aware of, all thanks to their strong advertising and marketing campaign. And likewise there are many products available in the market that promise to take care of our car seats, but the problem here is the lack of awareness about the auto care merchandise and their usage. Another thing that we are missing here are the simple home remedies that can help us cut-off these stains without spending much on the expensive car care products. In this article, we have tried restricting ourselves to simple car care practices that require general home-available products as raw material.

Stains we'll be dealing with today include -

stainfull (1)

1. Ink

2. Makeup & Oil

3. Coffee Stains

4. Vomit

5. Blood

But before going any further we'll first like to discuss some Do's and Don'ts of upholstery cleaning -

1. Cleaning techniques mentioned below are apt for all upholstery wrapped area like seat, door & dash patch and car ceiling.

2. It's always better to test the stain cutter on an unnoticeable spot first, see if it removes the stain without ruining the upholstery.

3. Always blot stains, never do the mistake of rubbing them.

4. If you are dealing with leather upholstery then always remember to prep it with a leather conditioner first. It's only after its application that you should apply any cleaning product. Stain Remover once applied should be left for max 30 minutes before you rub it off.

Let's get started people, get ready for some serious cleaning session -

1. Ink Stain, the car of a hard worker

Ink-in-upholstery (1)

So, you have got ink stains on your car seat, it only shows two things either you are hardworking or you have naughty kids. And we know how bad it feels to see that one blue stain on your seat. Two things can help you come out of this situation, hairspray and alcohol.

Use: Spray hairspray on the stain and blot it with a damp cloth to avoid stain to spread further.
Secondly, if you are using alcohol then mix it with water, apply it on the stained area and blot it with a cloth.

2. Makeup & Oil Stain, Love to eat & dress in car

Unsafe driver

Okay, now people who either eat and follow their beauty regime in the car will relate to this section the most. All you need to remove that tough liner or that weekend pasta stain from your seat is a water-down paint thinner.

Use: Take a measuring cup add equal proportion of water and paint thinner. Next, dip a cotton cloth in the mixture and rub it on the stain. This should be followed by an overnight resting thick layer of salt or corn flour on the stain. Lastly, vacuum the stained area in the morning.

3. Coffee Stains, For the workaholic type


If you ever happen to spill coffee on your seat then always remember to dilute it immediately with water and blot the area with paper. After reaching home, apply some glass cleaner on the stained section and again blot it with paper.

Use: Directly pour water on the fresh stain, as it will lighten the coffee mark instantly. Glass cleaner liquid will take care of the leftover mark.

4. Vomit, Party lover's car


So, a friend of your's got high and eventually ended up vomiting in your beloved car. Believe us we feel sorry for you, and the max we can do is help you out with the stain and that disgusting smell. All you need is cold water, club soda and baking soda.

Use: First wash off the affected area with cold water then dab a cloth in small amount of club soda and blot it on the stain. For the smell, try covering the area with baking soda and water paste.

5. Blood Stain, A bad memory attached with the stain


Whether it was 'that' time of the month or you took someone badly injured to the hospital, blood stains always come attached with a bad memory . Before telling you what to do, we'll first tell you what not to do? Never use hot water on blood stains, as it makes the stain tougher. Your key to cleanliness here is cold water and a cotton cloth.

Use: Soak the cotton cloth in cold water and rub the stain again and again, until its mark fades away.

Apart from this if you have any other stain resting on your car seat then below mentioned car care solutions will be a great help to you. And don’t worry these are simple homemade solutions that will not even cost you a penny.

1. The all-purpose car cleaner -

Ingredients required: Water, Dishwashing Liquid, Jug and Spray Bottle

Method: Pour one part of water, and one part of dishwashing liquid in a jug. Transfer the solution in a spray bottle and use it as per requirement.

Note: Rub the affected upholstery area after applying the spray with a soft brush. Rinse with cold water using a clean rag. And lastly, do remember to blot the area with microfiber cloth.

2. Non-Caustic Cleaner -

Ingredients required: Soap bar (you got to grate it), Borax, Hot Water, Essential Oil (optional), Spray Bottle

Method: Grate at least six teaspoon of soap and pour it in a bucket containing borax (2 teaspoon) and two cups of hot water. Transfer the prepared solution in a spray bottle and use it on stains that are hard to remove.

Note: Spray the solution on affected area, rub it off with a soft-bristled brush and rinse off with cold water. As mentioned above, blotting with microfiber cloth is important.

That’s all for now on the car seat cleaning front, Happy Cleaning Guys!


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