CarBay Guide to Safe Night Driving

  • Sep 11, 2015

MANILA: Let us start this article with a statutory warning first: Never and we mean it never drive in the night if not necessary. Humans are diurnal, we are not nocturnal creatures, not meant to be traipsing around in the darkness. Night driving does not come natural to us, not only it doesn't suit our lifestyle, in involves a crucial risk factor. Nearly 90 percent of our driving ability depends on sight and obviously our vision takes a toll at night. Post the sunset, the low color contrast reduces our ability to see, in-turn decreasing our driving ability. No doubt, night driving is great fun, with serene environment, along with beautiful sky and empty roads, but it also involves grave dangers which we can't ignore. But fret not, cause we at CarBay bring to you five amazing safety driving tips that make your nocturnal migrations safer and very enjoyable.


Let there be unobstructed light:

The role of head lights in night driving is imperative, you need a source of light – whether it's man-made. Before hitting the road, ensure your headlamps, fog lights are in proper condition. Also, check brake lights and indicator lights are properly working. If either of these lights are fused or have dirty lamps or are even dull and not working on its full intensity – make sure you replace the headlamps with the new one and make certain it does not hamper you and other drivers on road.


Spic and span windows and windscreen:

Clean windows and windscreen play an important role in night driving. Already the low light restricts our sight, have smudged or dirty windscreen further hampers are visibility, increasing the chances of accidents. Clean the windscreen and windows before starting your journey, also ensure the washer is always filled and wipers are working fine – for any on road issues.


Adjust rear and exterior mirrors:

Dirty or smudged mirrors, reflect the light back, generating a glare that can hamper your visibility. Therefore ensure your exterior mirrors are clean and set them in the angle which does not reflect light back to you. The same phenomenon works for rear-view mirrors too. Modern cars now come with day and night settings which help to set the rear-view mirror at an angle that it doesn't reflect light and avoid glare. There ensure both rear view mirrors and ORVMs should be adjusted in a set angle that its does not reflect blinding high beams straight onto drivers eye.

BMW Laser

Light your way with suitable intensity:

Well, you might think driving at high beam all the way in the night is appropriate. That's not true, a driver need to be very cautious about the intensity of headlamps at different locations. While driving in traffic or crowded places avoid high beams completely. When a vehicle is approaching from the front, dim your lights. Also use dipper at nights rather than horns, especially while driving from the city area. Also, don't stare directly at oncoming vehicle's light. Bright lights can distrust you concentration and hamper your sight. Try focusing on the white lines on the road rather than staring directly towards the car for safe driving.


Drive safe:

You not only have to watch for drunk drivers and fast and furious wannabes, who just want to race ahead and practice the worst tricks. But you have to watch for yourself too. Never drive in the night if you are tired or even slightly drowsy. Sleeping behind the wheel for even seconds can lead to an accident. While on long trips, take breaks to complete your sleep and get on the road only when you feel completely awake and alert. Also, you can opt for anti-reflective glasses. The anti-reflective glasses help a great deal in night driving. These anti-glare glasses increase visibility, reduce glare and also enhance your reaction time.

By following these safe driving few tips before heading onto your journey and while driving can keep you safe and enjoying your driving time. Ensure you don't over speed, even if the road is deserted. Be safe and bon voyage!


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