Eight habits that are destroying your car brakes

  • Jul 16, 2018

Brakes, if used in the right way, can last for a long time. But if improperly used, they may get ruined within a short span of time. Here are a few things, you need to avoid, to enhance the lifespan of your car's brakes.

Driving too fast

driving to fast

Pacing very fast and then suddenly stopping your car requires an extra effort as well as more pad material from the braking system of your vehicle. Hence, try to ride your vehicle at a constant speed.

Braking with your left foot

brake with left foot

Some among us have the habit of using their left foot, instead of the right, to step on the brake pedal. Sometimes, with an unconscious mind, they press the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal simultaneously. This results in an erosion of the brake shoe. Always use a single foot for the brake pedal as well as the accelerator.

Not cruising

Some drivers, especially the beginners, have it in their mind that they either need to be stepping on the brakes or the accelerator while driving. But there are certain situations where you can stop your vehicle without using neither of the pedals. While cruising, you let go of the accelerator pedal without stepping your foot on the brake pedal. You allow the car to move ahead using the inertial force. This allows the vehicle to slow down on its own due to the resistance of the opposing air.

Not aware of what’s ahead

car driving

Always try to look for what lies far ahead in the road. This will give you time to plan your moves and you can easily use your breaks efficiently. You can also avoid breaking if the situation doesn’t demand it.

Breaking too early

Every one of us has a tendency to step on the brake pedal every time we spot the taillights of a car ahead of us. But if you are at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, then there is no need to step on the brake pedal. All you need to do is let go of the accelerator and steer away from the vehicle.

Keeping extra weight in your car

extra weight on car

Adding more weight to your car results in an extra effort to the brakes and this results in usage more brake-pad material. Try keeping the weight of your car to the minimum.

Not replacing the brake fluid periodically

braking fluid

Your braking system could be adversely affected if you don’t change the brake fluid regularly. As the brake fluid goes older, it starts attracting moisture and dirt. This can easily corrode your vehicle’s cylinder, brake lines, and pistons. This degradation can later result in wear and tear of the seals, hence reducing the braking power. Try to change the brake fluid at least once a year.

Shifting gears without stopping


Shifting your gears between drive and reverse(also the vice-versa) without stopping can have a huge impact on the brake disc and the pads. This also affects the transmission of your vehicle.

Hence, if you follow these above tips and use your brake in a sensible as well as in an efficient manner you will be able to use them for a very long time.


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