Filing a car insurance claim in Philippines

Filing a car insurance claim in Philippines

MANILA: Insurance is a tricky business, getting a right car insurance that suits all your needs is a difficult task. But claiming for that is even challenging. Accident or theft of your car is already a lot to handle and on the top of that the extensive work that goes into claiming for insurance is very strenuous. Claiming for insurance requires extensive paperwork, meticulous checks at all levels, and finally getting the payment check by the insurer. This complicated process not only consumes an excess amount of your time but often require you to make rounds to the insurer's office in the lieu of receiving a check. Post an accident or a damage to your car it is extremely crucial to file the claim right, and this requires a string of complicated paperwork filing and submitting documents. Failure to do so correctly, you can loose on your claim and end up paying thousands of dollars from your pocket. Filling the claim right can be tricky, but with Zigwheels easy guide to claiming you can do this troublesome task in just a minute.


Inspect your insurance policy:

Insurance policies can be complex, with fine prints and fancy terminologies, one can often miss on the benefits and can be tricked by insurers. The best thing to do is read and re-read every term and condition to understand the intricacies of the policy. Learn about your role in filing the claim, get the note of all the paperwork and documents, that is to be submitted. Also meticulously check what is your insurance company's responsibility and in the case of damage and on what parameters will you be paid.

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Contact you Insurer:

Post an accident or theft, contact your insurer and report the accident and its damages. You are also required to file a report with the law enforcement agencies, describing the complete picture of an accident, which will be used later at the time of filing a claim -especially in the case the car is stolen. The insurance company will send a representative to inspect the accident scene and the vehicle and make note of all the damages that have been done. Insurance companies also provide easy options of filing a claim online, all you need to do is visit the company's website and go and click on, report the claim option.


Submitting Documents:

Filing a claim requires you to fill extensive paperwork - submitting the details of the accident like; name and vehicle information of other driver, copy of ticket issued, nature of damage to your vehicle, police report etc. You would also be required to submit the documents related to your vehicle. With the advent of mobile apps and 24/7 assistance for insurance companies, you can easily do that from the comfort of your house.


Schedule and Inspection:

Post-filing a claim, you would need to schedule an inspection to review the damaged vehicle and determine the cost of repairs. This usually means taking your vehicle to an authorized repair shop and deriving an estimated expenditure of all the repair cost – both parts and labor. An adjuster – representative of your insurer with review all the available information of your vehicle's damage, accident/police reports, witness statements—to help determine fault and then provide a cost estimate.


Get your car repaired:

After you get the estimated cost of repair, get your car repaired by an authorized service center. Some insurance policies also offer the benefit of rental coverage – paying full or half the amount to get a rental car – until the time your car get fixed. As per your policy norms and coverage provided, the damages will be covered regardless who is at fault. If the accident happen because of another driver the company will recover the claim from the third party and if you are at fault, your insurance company will handle any claims covered under your policy and pay for damages to the other vehicle that you are legally obligated to pay.

Now all you need to do is submit the bills and file the paperwork and receive the check of your claim. Filing a claim is tricky, but if you follow all these points – you can receive the financial aid in no time at all – but we hope you never need it.

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