Head over (new) wheels: How to purchase your ideal brand-new car

Head over (new) wheels: How to purchase your ideal brand-new car

A brand-new car purchase may be a thrilling (but costly affair). It is not surprising that the automobile sector is booming given that more people are seeing an increase in their income and that obtaining vehicle loans is getting simpler. Perhaps it’s the reason why almost 30,000 vehicles were sold in January 2023 alone?


  • How can buyers properly acquire a brand-new car?

    Among other steps, buyers should purchase what they can afford, test drive this vehicle thoroughly, and set aside funds for maintenance costs. ,
  • A new car has added features that can safeguard you far better when you're on the road, even though a great used car can carry you from point A to point B without any issues. In the long term, purchasing a new car is an investment rather than just a luxury.

    Let's look at some advice you might use when looking for a new vehicle.

    Conduct research

    Look into the car type that best suits your requirements. Is it more sensible to buy a two-seat sports car rather than a six-seat SUV? Almost anything about vehicles can be found online as well. To find out which automobiles perform the best and which ones to avoid, consult our Reviews and Feature articles.

    Mitsubishi Xpander Cross Rear Quarter

    You should also be aware of the available payment alternatives. Make careful to arrange an auto loan well in advance if you plan to obtain one.

    Invest in an automobile you can afford

    Just because you're taking out a car loan doesn't mean you get to choose the most expensive vehicle. Determine whether you can actually afford a new car. Avoid being in debt to the point of drowning.

    Calculate the amount you must set aside each month for your auto loan payments. What impact would it have on your savings? Would it significantly alter your way of life for the worse? Make sure you aren't jeopardizing your financial stability. Buy what you can afford.

    Toyota Wigo vs. Suzuki S-presso

    Compare Models

    Compare your chosen car's make, model, and features to those of similar vehicles once you've decided on their specifications. You'll want to conduct this because you might discover the exact characteristics you desire at a lower cost.

    Avoid the extras

    It can take years to pay off a brand-new car, which is a significant investment. If you decide to add extras and amenities, your car's overall cost will go up. Limit the number of add-ons you purchase, and only purchase features you are 100% certain you will use.

    Geely Coolray Limited Panoramic Sunroof

    Obtain pre-approval

    In order to get a head start on interest rates while applying for an auto loan, it may be perfect to acquire pre-approval. You will be able to compare your interest rate to the loan offered by a car dealership to see which offers a better and more affordable annual percentage rate.

    Compare prices

    Visit various auto dealers before making a car purchase. Examine and contrast the costs at various dealerships. Depending on where they are, several dealerships may charge a different price for the same automobile.

    2023 Changan CS55 Plus Baguio drive (10)

    Take a companion with you

    Particularly if this is your first time purchasing a car, it is simple to be persuaded by the numerous promises a sales representative makes to you. Bring someone who can assist you in comparing the benefits, costs, features, and financing possibilities. It will make navigating the car-buying process much simpler for you.

    Test Drive

    Most buyers test drive a car before making a purchase. Online videos do indeed give you a sense of how the automobile feels, but when you're the one behind the wheel, it's quite different. If possible, test drive the vehicle to see how comfortable it is. Following are some suggestions for test driving:

    • When idling, the car should remain silent and smooth.
    • You should have a good vision out of the mirrors and be able to see all of the dashboard gauges.
    • The controls ought to be flawless.
    • When you press the brakes and handles, the vehicle should stop.

    Suzuki Philippines Inaugurate San Pablo Dealership DZire

    Think about the additional costs

    When you've located the ideal vehicle that meets all of your requirements, it's time to concentrate on the cost. Now, you can look at base models with few to no additional choices in an effort to bargain for a lower price. You can request price quotations with a breakdown of all the fees, taxes, and add-on expenses through email from the dealership or request them in person. Ensure that you also get the final cost.

    Photos from Suzuki Philippines Inc., Toyota Motor Philippines, Dylan Afuang, and Roy Robles

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