Is Your Car Suffering From Flood Fever? Symptoms & Treatment

  • Oct 29, 2015

MANILA: Ever got stuck with your four-wheel baby in a flood, if yes then the chances are that your dear machine is suffering from what we call a 'Flood Fever'.

The symptoms for the same are not hidden but need a proper eye, ear and nose for detection. A small delay in detection can fell heavy on the pocket, so it's better you do as we say. So rush right out guys, and check your car the way we tell you, step by step, slowly and steadily.

Below are mentioned eight most prominent injuries and their symptoms that your car must be suffering from after its dangerous and water filled flood ride.

Symptom ONE -

Rust and Foul Odors, this is the most common symptom seen in a flood-driven car. It's better you check the interior space properly and detect all the wet areas. This may include floor carpets, door panels, upholstery, seat brackets, motors, and modules.

Treatment -

Never ever get satisfied with a car sunbath, as it can worsen the situation rather improving it (bad odor, fungus growth, etc.). We would suggest professional consultation.

Symptom TWO -

If you experience pick-up, noise, or throttle issues than there is a 99% chance of water dilution in engine oil, transmission fluid, and differential plug. Same can be proved by a milky/beige color appearance of the said fluid.

Treatment -

It is not all feasible to drive under such conditions, as it can damage the internal organs of your car. So, we recommend you to tow the car to the nearest repair shop.

Symptom THREE -

Reduce performance, increased emission and noise problem, all these indicate towards a water dipped air filter.

Treatment -

The air filter needs to be dried up thoroughly. However, the oil filter must be replaced and can be marked now on your to-do list.

Symptom FOUR -

This one is a more visible one, you just need to check the undercarriage, radiator area and frame for dirt, derbies, and rust.

Treatment -

Wash your car properly and if require ask your service men to clean it to its best.

Symptom FIVE -

If lately you have been experiencing a breaking problem, then the chances are that the flood water has damaged the brake discs.

Treatment -

It is a serious issue, we recommend an immediate automotive technician consultation.

Symptom SIX -

When driving after sunset and you experience dim/fluctuating headlight, it is an indication that flood water has found its way inside to the light unit.

Treatment -

No option, you have to buy a new pair of headlight.

Symptom SEVEN -

Take the car for a long drive, and try concentrating on every unnatural sound it makes. If it does then surely flood has shaken your car to its very core.

Treatment -

Make a note of where the noise is coming from and take the car to the nearest car care center.

Symptom EIGHT -

If suddenly after the flood you start experiencing a jerkier and uncomfortable ride then there is a high chance of suspension flaw. The same can be in the form of loss of lubricant, and wear and tear of its delicate parts.

Treatment -

Get the suspension joints lubricated and then checked for rust.

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