Major symptoms of a bad or failing flexible clutch hose

  • May 28, 2018

A flexible clutch hose is a part of the hydraulic clutch system of a vehicle. When you press the clutch pedal of your car, this hose will deliver the required hydraulic liquid and pressure. If you start to hear or sense something strange when you depress the clutch pedal or shift the gears, you can understand that the flexible clutch hose in your vehicle has gone bad.

 flexible clutch hose

However, keep in mind that these bad symptoms can also be the consequence of other problems inside the transmission system. However, the damaging effects of these symptoms will force you to take appropriate repairs, thus keeping your vehicle in perfect working condition. Here are some noticeable symptoms that show that you have a bad flexible clutch hose.

1. Malleable Pedal

Malleable Pedal

Whenever you press the pedal, your foot will get a soft feel. If not, it indicates that there is a problem in the flexible clutch hose, meaning it might have lost the friction when you press the pedal down. This can be because of a leak in the clutch hose, disallowing it to supply the appropriate amount of pressure and hydraulic liquid to the systems.

2. Trouble in shifting the gears

Trouble in shifting gears

If the flexible clutch hose is not functioning properly, it will be very difficult for you to change the gears. This means that you cannot move your car front or back.

3. Pedal wedged to the ground

 car Pedal wedged to the ground

If the clutch pedal in your car is not rising off the floor, it means that the hydraulic system is not functioning correctly, which is mainly due to the poor performance of the clutch hose. This means that the hose is incapable of offering effective performance to the hydraulics.

4. Low level of clutch fluid

Low level of clutch fluid

The low clutch fluid is one of the main culprits to make your clutch hose bad. As a clutch hose is made out of rubber, it may dry and wear down eventually and can develop fluid leaks. The leaky clutch hose requires to be filled with the fluid after doing some repairs or replace the entire hose. If not, the leaky hose will ruin your car's clutch system, because of the inadequate amount of fluid and pressure. It is also better and safe to check the condition of the flexible clutch hose periodically to ensure its perfect working condition.

The flexible clutch hose plays a vital role in delivering the required amount of pressure and fluid to the clutch system of your car. When the fluid goes down the required level, it prevents you from changing the gears appropriately, thus, disallowing you to move your car front or back.

Actually, the major purpose of equipping a vehicle with a clutch hose is to send the fluid to its clutch system, allowing the driver to shift the gears easily and smoothly. That is why it is referred to as a flexible hose. When the flexible clutch hose is in bad condition, it will not deliver an appropriate level of fluid to the clutch system of your car. This will not only allow you to shift your gears easily and smoothly.

Therefore, if you find any bad or failing symptoms in your clutch hose, it is always safe to consult a mechanic as soon as possible. You can look for the service of a licensed and experienced mechanic to do the repairs or replace the faulty hose if required. This will not only allow you to keep your car healthy, but it will also save much of your repair expenses.


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