Things to Know If You are Stuck at a Burning Fuel Station

  • May 24, 2016

Burning fuel station, sounds terrifying isn’t it? Yes, it is horrifying to even imagine that you are stuck between the high flames at a fuel station. Fuel station is probably the hardest place you’d find yourself stuck while it is on flames. But, do you really know what exactly you need to do in order to get yourself as well as your car safely out from there? How to handle such a situation in order to protect your car or the people in your surrounding? We here at CarBay are listing following crucial points, which you need to keep in mind if in any case you come across such a situation. As without knowledge you could make the situation even worse than it ever would.

Protect yourself and be calm

The first and foremost thing which you should do is get away from the vehicle and protect yourself. Take notice if fire is getting in your car? If yes, then move out of the car rather pulling the car out of the station. Don’t pull the vehicle out of the pump if you notice that your car has already caught fire because in that case pulling your car out of the station would only make the situation worse spreading the flames all around.

Locate the emergency button

Next thing you gotta be doing is search for the emergency button. Turning off this button will stop the fuel or gas flow in the pumps and will stop further damage. Every fuel station has this button, which can be located via supervisor of the station. Shout for help and find the emergency button as quickly as you can so that further vandalism can be prevented.

Use fire extinguisher instead of water

Using a fire extinguisher instead of water is a wiser option here as oil or gasoline would float over the water and won’t help the cause the way you’d like it to. However, using a fire extinguisher is also a risky task at a fuel station and you need to take a call if you can actually be the hero to extinguish the fire at the station.

Evacuate and don’t go back

Don’t ever try to run back to your vehicle in order to grab something. Let it be, nothing is more important than your life.

The following tips can help you prevent unwanted fire at a fuel station.

No smoking

If you are a kind of person who generally smokes while driving then fuel station isn’t a place you should be heading to with a lighted cigarette. Make sure you put off the cigarette next time you visit a fuel/gas station.

Don’t take phone calls

No wonder you would have come across signs at the fuel stations saying “Don’t Use Phones” and still we keep on doing the same. Electromagnetic waves are prominent while using phones and the imbalance of charges in combination with gasoline vapors can ignite fire. Hold on your calls for a while at least at the stations and be safe.

Turn off your car’s engine

Always switch off the engine of your car while re-fueling. If you don’t turn the engine off then combustion process remains on while re-fueling which could act as a catalyst in igniting fire because of the sensitivity of petrol vapors to catch fire.

Final Word

Hope aforementioned points throw positive light on the points you need to know while you are stuck at a burning fuel station. Prevention is the best cure so be cautious next time you visit a fuel station.


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