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Which is the best car battery brand?

Which is the best car battery brand?

Believe it or not, the battery tends to be the most overlooked part when it comes to car maintenance. Despite being an essential part, the only time most think to even check their battery is when the vehicle finally refuses to start. A number of car problems can be pinpointed to the battery, such as poor engine performance, radio memory loss, and security system issues.

However, besides maintaining your car battery, the right brand also plays a huge role in its overall efficiency. Factors to consider when choosing your car battery include climate and how frequently you use your vehicle.

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Being a tropical country, the heat can easily affect battery water and result in constant evaporation. Additionally, it can also cause chemical reactions such as corrosion which can significantly damage your battery.

Likewise, how often you use your car can also cause damage you may be unaware of. If you choose the wrong kind of battery for your vehicle, the vibrations can force the plates to detach from the cell connector, or worse. One way to increase the lifespan of your battery is to check its reserve capacity. If you don’t use your car too often, a higher reserve capacity can offer more advantages since it can provide more electricity even when not in use.

With these in mind, we decided to compare two of the top car batteries — Amaron and Panasonic — to see which can best combat these conditions.

Amaron car battery

Amaron car battery

Amaron is a favorite of car enthusiasts particularly for its sturdiness and long battery life. It is also equipped with a handful of patented technologies to deliver an excellent performance. One of these is its Advanta paste solution, coupled with its High Heat technology that works well against the country’s tropical heat.

It also possesses higher reserve capabilities and cranking power compared to most car batteries on the market. In addition to that, Amaron prides itself on being “maintenance-free.” This means that the battery does not require frequent water service intervals.

Prices for the Amaron car battery start at P4,400, relatively pricier compared to most batteries, and can range as high as P9,900. However, according to the company, they also offer a 15-24 month warranty.

Panasonic car battery

Panasonic car battery

The Panasonic car battery is arguably the top selling battery in Japan. With Japanese car manufacturers continuously upgrading, Panasonic has aimed to meet these shifting demands with their own signature technologies.

Panasonic uses a unique alloy that allows it to deliver high battery performance while simultaneously increasing battery life. This silver alloy is notable for strengthening the battery against high temperature. It is equipped with technologies that are capable of eliminating plate corrosion, electrolyte loss, and self-discharging.

The Panasonic car battery is most well-known for still cranking even when the vehicle has not been started in a long period of time. Users have shared that your car is still guaranteed to start even after two to three months of remaining idle.

A downside is that this battery can be difficult to come by locally. However, several car models are originally equipped with a Panasonic car battery, such as Subaru and Lexus. Prices begin around P4,000.

car battery buying tips

Additional tips

The lifespan of a car battery is typically around three to four years. However, here in the Philippines, certain conditions can cut that down to just two years. Here are a few tips to keep your car battery in top shape while you decide between Amaro vs Panasonic.

  • Keep poles clean and make sure to tighten the battery tie-downs to avoid damage due to vibration.
  • Prevent discharging by always double-checking that components such as headlamps are shut off when you leave the vehicle.
  • Watch out for initial signs of corrosion and address them before they cause significant damage to your battery.
  • Check if your battery is always securely fastened. A loosely installed battery can cause battery acid to spillover, resulting in internal damage and short circuiting.
  • While you’re at it, check your battery’s water level indicator and top it off with distilled water as often as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, one should replace their car battery every three years. Will you be choosing the Amaron or the Panasonic car battery? Share with us your thoughts on our social media.