Top 3 Reasons to buy Suzuki Smash

Top 3 Reasons to buy Suzuki Smash

The Smash 115 is an entry level underbone from the acclaimed Japanese manufacturer, Suzuki. The current 115cc version was launched in the Philippines in 2010. Back then it had replaced the 110cc version and hoped to replicate its success. At Php 57900, it is the cheapest underbone in Suzuki’s range. As an entry-level motorcycle, it is extremely popular and as we are about to show, for some good reasons.

1) Power with fuel efficiency

Suzuki Smash 115

The new Smash replaced the old 110cc engine with the new 115 cc unit. A 5cc difference does not stand for much in terms of power delivery and performance. Suzuki, however, had its sights set on mileage. Suzuki understands the importance of fuel economy in this segment. Thus, while the smaller engine could achieve a decent 42 to 44 kmpl, the new engine pushed those figures to 45 to 47 kmpl. This jump in fuel efficiency is achieved by the inclusion of a larger diameter muffler. The muffler also has an integrated oxidation catalyzer that drastically reduces the emission of harmful pollutants. The innovations do not stop here, however. The engine gets another environment-friendly feature in the form of the patented Pulse Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR). This system ensures that the least amount of fuel is left unburnt in the exhaust gases. It achieves this by injecting air into the exhaust port which then combusts the unburnt fuel. While achieving such high mileage figures, the engine also produces a healthy power output of 6.4 kW at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 9 Nm at a low 4000 rpm. This gives it quick pick up and enough power to cruise around the city.

2) Style with practicality

For an underbone motorcycle, the Suzuki Smash is quite a stylish proposition. The front fairing gets some styling inspiration from the GSX-R superbike. There is a large high powered multi-reflector headlight that complements the multi-polygon reflector combination lamp in the rear. Aimed at the youth, it gets some design touches that should appeal to the target audience. The sports watch inspired instrument cluster is especially mentionable. The color choices are also very funky with options like magenta and yellow. Most of all though, the motorcycle is extremely compact meaning that it is a breeze to drive through tight spaces. Its 750mm ride height and a 1,240mm wheelbase are aided by the diamond-shaped chassis. Together, they make it extremely easy to maneuver and provide a comfortable and well-handling ride.    

3) Value for new riders

Smash 115

For new riders, this bike can be a key to the world outside. Therefore, it needs to satisfy some very specific needs without becoming prohibitively expensive. And the Suzuki Smash stands strong on many of these aspects. There are some very surprising features available on this bike that should strike a chord with the youth. Chief among these is the under seat storage space. At 8 liters, it should be sufficient for pretty much anything that the rider might throw at it. Bike theft is a serious issue in the Philippines and Suzuki knows this. Therefore they have provided it with a key shutter that closes the keyhole when not in use. Probably the most surprising feature of all is the inclusion of a gear position indicator in the instrument cluster.

With all these features comes the durability and affordability of a Suzuki vehicle. Having an immense presence in the country means that it is very easy to get the bike fixed if any issue may arise. The Suzuki Smash, therefore, satisfies every need of the young rider stepping out into the world.     

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