Top Alternatives for Yamaha Mio Soul i125

Top Alternatives for Yamaha Mio Soul i125

Launched in 2015, the Yamaha Mio Soul i125 has won the hearts of many scooter lovers in the Philippines. Its latest update features an edgy design that is equipped with LED headlights, a glaring illumination with adjustable brightness setting. The aggressive design of the Mio Soul i125 gave it a daunting outlook with the showmanship of strength and lightness.

Yamaha Mio Soul i125

This Yamaha Mio is available in two trims - the standard and the S. Among the key features of this edgy scooter is its wider rear tires measuring 100/70/14. In addition, the side stand switch that automatically shuts of the engine when enabled is also something that admirable to this variant. Both standard and S trims are also equipped with forged piston and diasil cylinder that reduces heat-induced power loss in the engine while improving fuel efficiency.

The S trim of the Mio Soul i125 also has a Stop and Start System that shuts your engine off automatically after being idle for five seconds. This feature is also available in Mio Aerox 155 and its main objective is to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Hence, this scooter is very much applicable to the current traffic situation in the Philippines. Worried about starting the engine? Just twist the throttle and the engine will automatically start again. Cool! Isn’t it?Yamaha Mio Soul i125 image

When it comes to riding performance, this variant can impress you with its power delivery considering the low kerb weight of 96 kilograms. Yamaha employed a four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected, 125cc engine to Mio Soul i125 specs sheet that fires up to 9.3 horsepower and 9.6 Nm torque.

What are the best available alternatives for Yamaha Mio Soul i125?

Answer: Although there are few, we came up with a list of the best alternatives for Mio Soul i125. Aside from the engine power, styling and designs of the units are also something to consider, hence, we carefully highlight these things in this list. Take a good look at your other options in the 125cc scooter segment:

Yamaha Mio i125

One option is the sibling of Mio Soul i125 under its mother brand Yamaha. Opposite to the Mio Soul i125’s dark colors, this scooter’s standard trims are more vibrant and available in lighter colors like magenta, yellow, and vibrant orange (which quite reminds us of the Power Rangers Mighty Morphin). Although this is the entry-level of the new generation Mio that Yamaha made for the younger generation of motorists which they call “Miolennials”, this can still deliver great drives and pass expectations when it comes to driving with style.

Yamaha Mio i125

Yamaha Mio 125i is 4-kilogram lighter in weight as compared to Mio Soul i125 but has the same engine setup. Both scooters also have the Blue Core Technology so they both promise better fuel efficiency. Hence, if you are more about a lighter design and amusing graphics, this one can be a better option for you.

Honda Click 125i

This scooter from Honda is equipped with full LED headlamps, tail lamps, and daytime running lamps, as well as a full digital instrument console - some things you might miss with Mio Soul i125. Although it has the same edgy design with Soul i125, it performs better in terms of maximum power which is 11 horsepower and 10.8 Nm torque, thanks to its single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled SOHC 125cc engine.

Honda Click 125i

Honda Click 125i has a sports style muffler design with aluminum end cap and tubeless tires for the front and rear wheels. One thing to consider about choosing Honda Click 125i over Mio Soul i125 is its 18-liter compartment. You can definitely fit a full-face helmet and some personal belongings in here.

When it comes to the weight, this is slightly heavier than Mio Soul i125 but is longer given its length of 1919 mm. Among its competitors in the 125cc scooter segment, this is by far the most digitized and is also dubbed as the most powerful and refined scooters in its class. If that is something that impresses you, then you can opt for this one instead.

Suzuki SkyDrive FI

Japanese automaker Suzuki gives a close competitor to Honda and Yamaha through its Suzuki SkyDrive FI. Although this has lower power output of 9 horsepower and 9.5Nm than its closest competitor, you can take advantage of the other features that this scooter has. It has a distinctive styling and has a royalty feel.

Suzuki SkyDrive FI

It also has a spacious underseat compartment storage as well as dual compartments in the front so you can keep more stuff in your motorcycle.

The Suzuki SkyDrive FI is equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke, two-valve, air-cooled, SOHC 124.1cc engine with a fully transistorized ignition system. Its models are available in Black, Red, Pink, and Violet. So, if you like to keep it light and drive a more classic scooter, especially if just for daily drives to the market, fetching your kids to school, or for some deliveries, this can be a great option for you.

How are these scooter models compared when it comes to pricing?

Here’s a full detailed list of the pricing for the above-mentioned scooters:





Standard - PHP 79,000

Standard - PHP 71,900

Standard - PHP 76,900

Standard - PHP 78,900

S - PHP 83,900

S - PHP 75,900



The pricing is also something to discern about. By just looking at the table, you can already see that the Yamaha Mio i125 has the cheapest standard trim while its sibling Mio Soul i125 has the highest.


Considering the choices above, you can definitely opt for the Yamaha Mio i125 if you are just about the pricing. But if you are more critical about the technical specifications, engine power, and additional features as well as storage the Honda Click 125i can be a better alternative for the Mio Soul i125.

Still not sure about what to choose? Check out the actual models in your local motorcycle dealer store now and get a test drive today!

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