Yamaha Motor Philippines introduces the Serow 250 in the Philippines

  • Sep 22, 2019

MANILA: The dual-sport motorcycle market in the Philippines has just witnessed the arrival of another offering that is too delicious to be denied by the Filipinos, the Serow 250. The launch took place at Golden Trail Travelers Resort, and soon after the launch event, the riders left for a ride on Mt. Pinatubo, a location very suitable for the Serow 250 to show-off its capabilities. Also, coach Mel Aquino briefed the riders on various safety-related and other important things to keep in mind while testing out the all-new Yamaha Serow 250.

Yamaha Serow 250

Clothed with fully-fledged off-road riding gears, the riders were split into different teams and participated in multiple challenges across 5 stations. During the ride, the riders not only got familiar with the Serow 250 but also came to know more about their own physical and mental abilities. The riders with better abilities performed better than others in the various challenges that included heavy rain, slippery rocks, and river crossings. After the conclusion of each challenge, the riders were rewarded with food, clothes, health packages, and other stuff, which were then passed on to the indigenous community of the region.

Serow 250

The Yamaha Serow 250 gets its power from a very capable 250cc fuel-injected engine and features disc brakes on both the front and the rear wheel. The natural rain and typical trails of the land of lahar tested all of the power, suspension, brakes, and other key components of the newly launched Yamaha Serow 250.

Serow 250

Up for grabs at Yamaha Flagship Shop, 3S Shops, YZone, RevZones, and other Multiband outlets throughout the geography of the Philippines, the Yamaha Serow 250 is available in White Blue and White Orange color options. The dual-sport Japanese motorcycle flaunts a price tag of Php 229,000

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