Yamaha Xmax: Know its alternatives

Yamaha Xmax: Know its alternatives

Yamaha Philippines has got an array of products in the country. It is one of the leading two-wheeler company here and gives a tough competition to other brands. Yamaha Xmax is one of those modern scooters that gets your heart racing. It is loaded with features that you expect from a scooter of such calibre; multi-functional speedometer, electric power socket, large under seat storage, adjustable windshield, full LED lighting with DRL, traction control and whatnot.


Yamaha has incorporated a 300 cc liquid-cooled engine with Blue Core technology. It produces around 27 bhp and 29 Nm. Yamaha Xmax price is set at Php 249,000. Although it is a great scooter, there are a few alternatives to it available that you can consider.

Kymco Xciting 300i 4V

The Kymco Xciting 300i 4V price is Php 239,000 and it is the closest, in terms of specs, you can get to the Yamaha Xmax in this price range. The Kymco comes with a 300 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces 29 hp at 7500 rpm and 30.1 Nm at 6250 rpm. It is fuel injected. Kymco has provided many features with the Xciting 300i 4V to lure in more customers.

Kymco Xciting 300i 4V

It has a multi-functional digital instrument panel with tell-tale lights on its either side. There is a quite a handful of empty space around the meter and Kymco could have utilised it for better use. It also has a 12V charger, front fuel filler opening for easy refueling, large under seat storage, and dual channel ABS from BOSCH.

In terms of styling, the Kymco Xciting 300i 4V gets good marks. It has an appealing front end thanks to the massive windshield and big LED headlights. It does look like a modern scooter and would likely make people look at it twice. It does miss out on a few features that you get in the Yamaha Xmax but whether that would be a deal breaker or not will depend on your needs. The Kymco Xciting 300i 4V color options include Matte White and Matte Black.

Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS

Suzuki Brugman range of scooters is quite popular globally. However, Suzuki has got only one model of this range here in the Philippines. It is the Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS. As the name suggests, this scooter is powered by a 200 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine tuned to produces a max power of 18 bhp at 8000 rpm. It can also be made out from the name that it comes with ABS as standard.

Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS

The Burgman 200 ABS has got a dual headlamp setup at the front with a tall windshield. It looks pretty decent. The seat is nicely contoured to provide the max comfort to both the rider and the pillion. Talking about the seat, the under seat storage space has got a capacity of 41 litres which can easily fit in two full-face helmets. Suzuki has also provided a lamp to provide extra convenience in dark.

The Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS price of Php 238,000 is what makes people doubt their decision of buying this. Suzuki is obviously asking for too much for this model.

These were the only two alternatives of the Yamaha Xmax. To put it simply, Yamaha has done a great job with the Xmax. This scooter has got the most features that you can get at this price. And that makes it a really good purchase. The Kymco Xciting 300i 4V offers slightly more power than the Xmax but doesn’t have as exciting features. On the other hand, the Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS is nowhere close the performance that you have with the other two scooters.


There are other scooters available that you can consider but they are either more expensive or much less powerful. For example, the Kymco Xciting 400i ABS offers more performance than the Yamaha Xmax but is priced at Php 339,000. On the other hand, there is the Honda PCX150 which is priced at Php 133,900 and is packed with features but isn’t much powerful.

Do let us know your opinions about the scooters that we mentioned and also is there any other good alternative to the Yamaha Xmax according to you.

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