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Luxurious thrill: The Lexus RX

Luxurious thrill: The Lexus RX
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Lexus blends the perfect amount of luxury and action in its  crossover SUV, the Lexus RX. The outstanding quality of the RX, which was meticulously built by Takumi master craftsmen, has been highly appreciated in the local market since it is the top-selling Lexus model in the country.

Every RX generation that is released exudes notable improvements in performance, technology, and value.

The Lexus RX is designed with a striking exterior look which is highlighted by its sharply chiseled body and strong shoulder lines. The SUV also sports elegant L-shaped taillights, door handle illumination, LED headlights, 20-inch alloy wheels, and an excellent aerodynamic profile. It also features a panoramic sunroof that creates an illusion of a wider cabin room.

Lexus RX

As a luxury brand, Lexus has made sure that the RX is fully equipped with modern smart technologies that will definitely provide confidence and convenience on the road. The brand exemplifies omotenashi, the Japanese way of hospitality wherein the provided service goes beyond the customer’s needs.

When you get inside the vehicle, a wide touchscreen infotainment display will welcome you. To set the mood inside the cabin, you can play your favorite driving playlist straight from your smartphone to your SUV’s audio system by linking it through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Lexus guarantees that the high-powered RX can take you to any adventure as it is motivated by a 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. One of the SUV’s remarkable features is the stop and start system which helps lessen fuel consumption. When the vehicle is at rest, it automatically shuts the engine down. For a more personalized driving experience, you can choose among its five drive modes: Normal, Eco, Sport S, Sport S+, and Custom.

Lexus RX

Since its pioneer edition, the Lexus RX has been reliable when it comes to road safety and protection. It is equipped with 10 sensor-controlled SRS airbags that provide premium security to every occupant inside the vehicle. Also enhancing the cabin protection is a high-strength body structure which can absorb and disperse the energy produced in the event of a collision, which results to a lesser impact on all sides of the vehicle. The RX also uses a vehicle dynamics integration management system integrates the safety functions with the enhanced stability and control.

The Lexus RX comes in four variants. The Lexus RX 350 Premier is available in five-seat and seven-seat variants. The RX 350 Premier 3-Row is ideal for families that need a more spacious cabin and cargo room. Although it accommodates more people inside, the comfort won’t be sacrificed since the third-row seat can be adjusted through the automatic slide function to create wider legroom. The third row is also provided with its own climate control.

If you’re more on the sporty side, you will definitely appreciate the Lexus RX 350 F Sport that carries the nature of “F” driving, just like in the LFA supercar. The thrill of driving is leveled up by the special F Sport dials with illuminated needles. The SUV’s interior is upholstered with posh dimpled leather. Just like the other F Sport models, this variant is equipped with aluminum pedals.

The RX is also available in a hybrid variant, the Lexus RX 450h. It uses the Lexus Hybrid Dive, which is powered by both electricity and petrol. This combination delivers a great amount of torque and sprightly acceleration. The variant features an EV mode which is recommended for slow speeds to achieve silence and zero emission.

Lexus RX

The pricing for this luxury SUV starts at P4.438 million.

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Lexus RX ₱4.438 - ₱5.238 Million MA starts : ₱100,825

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