Manual or Automatic Transmission... Clear the Dilemma and Buy the One that Suits you Right

  • Oct 09, 2015

MANILA: Buying a car in not an easy task, plus the additional mechanical stuff makes the process a lot harder. One such thing that confuses many minds is the right transmission pick. Cars are offered in two transmission options, automatic and manual, both working as per their name. So, let us start by knowing them a bit more.

Manual Transmission -

Cars with manual transmission require a little manpower to move from one gear option to another. This is done with a bit of coordination between the shift knob and clutch pedal, now those who know how to drive completely understands the pain of learning the same. But once learned, it's like spreading butter on bread.

Automatic Transmission -

New generation loves the word automatic, and so car makers long back came with automatic transmission system in cars. This system skips the conventional gear shifting regime and automatically changes gear depending on vehicle's speed.

Moving further, below we explain  pluses and minus of both -


Which one should I buy?

When not to buy an automatic transmission....

Going through the above pros & cons sheet, somethings must be clear in your mind. First of all if money matters to you and if you claim yourself to be a saver in the said field then Automatic is a big no no for you. Its high-money diet includes:

  • Overall cost of the car

  • More fuel

  • Service and maintenance cost

Also, if you are a high speed and racing enthusiast, you will only end up cursing the automatic transmission, as it takes all the controls and fails to provide the much-needed punch, unlike the one provided by manual transmission .

Say no to manual, when..

Money is secondary and you prefer luxury and comfort over cash. Also when your journeys mainly include outer city and highways rides, the manual transmission is a complete waste, here automatic transmissions will give a blissful ride. For Filipinos, who live in a traffic prone country, we would strongly suggest AT, as it is highly recommended for a frequent stop-and-go ride.

Small Guide for new car buyers-

Cars and their Transmission System

Hyundai i20 Cross Sport
1.4 Kappa with Dual MPI VIS (Petrol) 5MT/6MT/4AT
Nissan Juke 1.6 Inline 4-CYL, DOHC,16V Twin CVT XTRONIC CVT
Chevrolet Trax 1.4 Turbo Gasoline 6AT
Foton Toplander Cummins ISF Turbo Intercooler Diesel 5MT
Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost 6MT/6AT with SelectShift

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