Reasons Not to go for Honda BR-V in the future...

  • Nov 19, 2015

MANILA: Honda BR-V launch date is not known, it's under this thick cover that Honda can only raise. For your information, our neighbouring country Indonesia is going crazy over this car, the pre-launch booking figures have surpassed the 4000+ mark, making it a big victory for Honda. As for the Philippines market, Honda is numb over Honda BR-V launch date and price detail. But after BRV's GIIAS global debut and Indonesian scheduled launch on 24th Nov, a soon Philippines entry can be expected in mid-2016.

Only a week or two before, we gave you a full BR-V insight, its exterior design language, interior comfort and amenities, engine spec., safety aspects, and Honda BR-V price detailing. But after knowing the car from top to bottom, our experts found some defaulting aspects that can hamper BR-V's sale figures and market standing.

So, if buying a Honda BRV tops your future possession list then do read the below mentioned eight points.

Driver Cabin: Old Wine in new bottle –



Not only the Philippines but the whole world watched Honda BR-V’s world debut with eagle’s eye. From layman to auto experts, all were eager to see what all new have accompanied BR-V. They were satisfied to see a new outer front but the minute its interior space was revealed, all jaws dropped. No, not because of excitement but due to sheer disappointment. The interior space, especially the dashboard seems to take heavy inspiration from City and Jazz. We are completely aware of the cost factor that comes attracted while building a new car, but that can't be an excuse to give old dash in a new car.

Not the Best Steering and Handling –


Being a Honda kid, BR-V is expected to deliver a smooth driving experience, with precise and agile handling. But surprisingly, BR-V does not really strike the right cord when it comes to sharp corners which might be due to its over-sized build. We would have expected better handling and drive confidence from a prestigious brand such as Honda. The culprit might be its overlarge body dimensions that restrict it from delivering an SUV-like driving experience. So, to sum up getting behind BR-V steering may not be the best experience ever.

Chrome is not always stylish –


Seeing Honda BR-V for the first time was a treat to the eye. But over time we felt that Honda has overdone the chrome usage, which after days of pleasing will bother you its entire life. We admit that Chrome in the auto industry is synonymous to class and premium feel, but over usage of anything kills the charm. Both the front and rear profile is loaded with chrome work, hinting towards a hidden chrome source that only Honda is aware of.

Interior demands more luxury –

BR-V interior

Economical is the word that first came to our minds after we fully inspected this new compact SUV from Honda. From both material selections to quality, the interior arena fails to make a lasting impression. Thus, reducing the driving pleasure by manifold. We can only wish that Honda would have giving a second thought before dispatching the car.

An MPV or An SUV? No one’s sure what BR-V actually is ….


Honda BRV is quite a thing and carries some great stylish attributes. The outer body looks like an amalgamation of SUV and MPV, bringing together the best of both worlds. But this designing decision has both its merits and demerits, on one hand where BR-V becomes the jack of all traits at the same time it master’s none of the fields. No one has a specific answer as to which segment BRV actually belongs. Creating a loophole in its journey, as the buyers wanting a specific set of vehicle may not get satisfied with what BR-V has on offer.

These pointers may seem less in number but their after effects are strong enough to effect your buying decision. With no immediate competitor to fight Honda BR-V, it may come out as Honda's next big trump card. But we would have really appreciated some more hard work from the world-class technicians and engineers at Honda to slightly upgrade the BR-V from certain areas. Though our intention is not to stop you from buying it, but its just good to know what all excess baggage your next big possession might carry! Isn't it?

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