Veloster Turbo vs Toyota 86: Battle Clash between Hyundai and Toyota

  • Apr 10, 2016

MANILA: While we all are aware that the Toyota was not present at the MIAS 2016 among many other prominent brands which is a little disheartening but this doesn't stop us from relishing the treat from the Hyundai at the show. After the Philippines Government announced the new rules for the automakers to adhere to the new norms of Euro-4 Emission levels, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., delightfully announced its expanded fleet of drives with GDi technology in the country. Now, the Hyundai Veloster Turbo has finally made its presence known at the show, we can't help but scrutinize it along the line of the Toyota 86 which was recently presented to the world at the NYC Auto Show 2016. Though both the cars doesn't fall on the same line in terms of price but being both the high-performance cars and having somewhat same power, we have tried to compare both the cars. Let's have a look:

GDi over Boxer:

Engine Image

Although, both the high-performance cars yield almost the same power output of almost 205 hp, the Veloster Turbo is powered by the light-weight 1.6-litre engine with GDi technology where Toyota 86 features 2.0 Boxer engine. Being powered by the light-weight engine, Veloster sprints faster than the GT 86 and can clock the 0-100 kmph in just 7-8 secs.


Exterior Image

While the updated Toyota 86 doesn't sport much exterior changes like its front-grille, the new Veloster Turbo features all-new hexagonal front grille and restyled projector headlights. Also, Veloster also has an advantage over the 86 with its third door configuration which allows easy access to its cargo space of 439-litres which is also a bit higher than the Toyota 86.


Interior Image

Interior is the only thing in both the high-performance cars which is somewhat similar and screams elegance and luxury. Although both the cars come with the premium materials, leather upholstery and advanced technology features, the major thing that stand out is their seating arrangement. While the Veloster Turbo offers a four-seat arrangement to its customers, Toyota 86 customers have to be content with the two-seat arrangement, but that's what a coupe is.


We can see, Hyundai Veloster Turbo definitely has a upper hand over the Toyota 86 but this sports coupe is also a hit among the sports cars fans for its vrooming speed and striking sleek exterior. So, it's more of a personal choice and to have a live experience of Hyundai Veloster Turbo, you may visit the MIAS 2016 at Hyundai booth till 10th April 2016.


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