Porsche 356-inspired digital art featured at Outernet in London

Porsche 356-inspired digital art featured at Outernet in London

MANILA: Porsche Cars GB exhibited a dramatic digital rendition of the inspiration for the first Porsche, the 356, to mark the brand's 75th year of producing sports cars.


  • What does the digital art portray?

    The digital art portrays the creative process, showing how minute components come together to generate larger ones.
  • What were the recent involvements of Porsche in the field of arts?

    Porsche was a major sponsor of last year's Punchdrunk for its production of The Burnt City. It also participated in Art Basel Miami with an art installation featuring the Porsche 911.
  • This one-of-a-kind piece of art was presented to the public in an immersive presentation using four-story-high, 360-degree, 8K high-definition screens.

    Every Porsche may be traced back to Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche's initial vision for the brand. The German engineer decided to create the car himself after not finding the vehicle he dreamed of. On June 8, 1948, the Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster, the first vehicle to bear the Porsche emblem, went on the road.

    Porsche continues to build on its history as a luxury brand that is dream-driven, with the goal of inspiring and empowering people to fulfill their own aspirations.

    The original dream of Ferry Porsche was envisioned as a visual unification of the intangible human creative process, skillfully conveying the steps of a dream from conception to tangible existence. The digital artwork is powered by Porsche with Wallpaper magazine and driven by renowned contemporary artist Lusion.

    Lusion is a digital creative studio that turns emotions into experiences, through sculpting data, color, form, and movement. Hong Kong-born artist Edan Kwan established Lusion in 2015. The company, which is currently based in Bristol, is made up of a core team of international artists and programmers who work exclusively in the digital sphere to produce elaborate interactive experiences, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

    “With the dream of our founder still reflected in the company today, we wanted to highlight the enduring power of a dream and the fight and daring it takes to continually pursue and overcome adversity to bring your dreams to reality. Ferry Porsche said those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams. With this blend of technology, art and animation, Edan Kwan and Lusion have brought to life our daring nature to dream,” Porsche Cars GB Marketing Director Lee Wilford stated. “With the support of Wallpaper and the Now Building, we have the perfect forum to celebrate this courage and determination, in a way that we hope will inspire other brave dreamers in their own relentless pursuit of their ambition.”

    After initially appearing as firing neurons to depict the first seeds of creative thought, the digital story begins with a multicolored array of particles that resolve from the apparent chaos into a physical form. They appear to flow around barriers and follow curves as they seem to cascade through a stunning scenery. This illustration of the creative process shows how minute components come together to generate larger ones. Ferry Porsche's vision for that form became the 356 No. 1 roadster, the very first Porsche sports car which inspired many others.

    Porsche at Outernet

    “The brief was to explore the nature of the dream as a personal goal. Porsche is a luxury sports car, but when Ferry Porsche set out to create the first car, his dream had to manifest itself in a new reality because this space literally did not exist. We began by researching the influences and experiences that inspired Ferry Porsche, along with archive photographs and journals, which we fed into an artificial intelligence program to generate a dynamic set of imagery to represent the human thought process,” Kwan said.

    The Lusion team used the “blooming” of flowers to symbolize the breathtaking moment when a concept develops and thoughts become clear.

    “These flowers illustrate how inspiration works, growing from one idea into infinite variations,” Kwan said.

    As they spread and flourish, bouquets of colorful, almost alien-like blossoms take on an unique, flowing silhouette that has been a defining feature of Porsche sports cars for decades.

    In the past years, Porsche has been actively involved in the field of arts. Porsche Cars GB was a major sponsor of last year's Punchdrunk, the acclaimed immersive theater group, for its production of The Burnt City. This collaboration marked the first time Porsche supported a major performing arts event in the UK.

    Porsche also has a history of working with artists all over the world; most recently, it participated in Art Basel Miami. A larger-than-life figure by Scottish digital artist Chris Labrooy called “Dream Big” was displayed at the event  as a tribute to childhood ambitions. The art installation featured a white Porsche 911.

    In 2019, contemporary visual artist Daniel Arsham made a unique, crystal-eroded 911 that combined elements of his personal background with the Porsche brand.

    Photos from Porsche

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