Skyway 3 motorists can now reload their Autosweep through PSBank Mobile

Skyway 3 motorists can now reload their Autosweep through PSBank Mobile

MANILA: As toll fees are now being collected from motorists passing through the Skyway Stage 3, PSBank continues to provide Autosweep and Easytrip reloading services through the PSBank Mobile app.

The PSBank Mobile Toll RFID reload facility lets users immediately reload their Autosweep or Easytrip account with just a few taps. Autosweep is being used for Skyway Stage 3 and other expressways in the southern part of Luzon while Easytrip is used in northern expressways.

For Autosweep reloading, a fee of P10 will be deducted from the customer’s PSBank account. For Easytrip reload, the same fee amount will be deducted from their Easytrip account.

To reload Autosweep and Easytrip RFIDs through PSBank Mobile, tap Pay Toll RFID from Create a Transaction and choose between Autosweep and Easytrip. The page will then be asking to enter the required details and load amount. For Autosweep, input either the card number or plate number. For Easytrip, enter the account number. The load shall be immediately credited on the Autosweep or Easytrip account afterwards.

Autosweep, Easytrip RFID Reload on PSBank Mobile Application

To learn more about the PSBank Mobile Toll RFID reload facility, log on to

Photos from PSBank

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