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The Lexus Gamers’ IS will make gaming geeks drool

The Lexus Gamers’ IS will make gaming geeks drool
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MANILA: Lexus has unveiled the first-ever vehicle that was customized based on a Twitch community poll to serve as a gaming space.

The Gamers’ IS was developed based on the features that were voted on by the 554,000 viewers of the livestream of popular Twitch streamer Fuslie in January. The poll revealed that viewers prefer a gaming-inspired exterior look with custom controller to their preferred “game fuel” beverage.

Lexus Gamers' IS

To bring this car concept to reality, Lexus teamed up with fabrication expert SCPS. The entire car development lasted for five months, with the help of 20 concept artists, designers, 3D modelers, engineers, metal fabricators, craftsmen, artists, upholsters, and computer technicians, who are all gaming enthusiasts.

In a statement, Lexus Vice President for Marketing Vinay Shahani said, “The Twitch community dives headfirst into their passion of gaming, just as we did in designing the new 2021 Lexus IS as a pure expression of a sports sedan. We asked for their help designing their dream gaming space, and they answered in spades. Together, we created the ultimate fusion of design and performance in automotive and gaming.”

Lexus Gamers' IS

Lexus used a customized IS 350 F Sport for the exterior of the vehicle. Forty-eight percent of the viewers voted that the car should be embellished with the “Infiltrate” design custom vinyl wrap to give off a high-tech impression.

The car’s interior features the “Neon Tokyo” style as voted by 55% of the livestream viewers. Inspired by Japanese pop art aesthetic, the cabin gets an acrylic coating on the ceiling, with resin accents that resemble raindrops, which are illuminated by programmable RGB LED lights. LED panels are equipped on the back of the rear seats to display an animated backdrop onto the rear window. To set the gaming mood, Lexus and SCPS applied Smart Tint on the windows for a dimmed ambience on the inside.

Lexus Gamers' IS

Installed on the passenger side is a curved monitor which was preferred by 64% of the viewers compared to a flat monitor. It comes together with a retractable keyboard, a mouse, and a unique 3D printed controller. Forty-two percent of the voters picked the “Cyber” controller design which gives metallic space gray and dark teals with neon accents.

The vehicle’s trunk houses the MSI Gaming GeForce CPU + AMD CPU, which was decorated with RGB LED lights, a fog machine, and automated RGB lasers.

Majority of the viewers chose coffee drinks to be their “game fuel.” This fills up the vehicle’s six-drink center console cooler.

Lexus Gamers' IS

Twitch Chief Revenue Officer Walker Jacobs stated, “Lexus has effectively leaned into the community and connectivity that define Twitch. Our viewers crave being a part of the action, and through this collaboration, we were able to create a truly immersive experience that celebrates their passion for gaming. The result is a first-of-its-kind gaming vehicle. Bravo Lexus!”

The Gamers’ IS is a part of the “All In” campaign, which aims to associate the audience’s diversing passion with the brand’s own obsession with the 2021 Lexus IS.

Photo from Lexus

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