Volkswagen PH to celebrate 6th anniversary at Trinoma

Volkswagen PH to celebrate 6th anniversary at Trinoma

MANILA: Volkswagen's 6th anniversary is about to start on Sept 21 at Trinoma where the company will give special offers and discounts on account alongside fun activities. The German automobile brand, Volkswagen has decided to take up several programs to celebrate its 6th anniversary in the Philippines, which includes an affair at the Trinoma activity centre on 21st and 22nd September. The special show includes a display of eight cars such as subcompact sedan Santana, hatchback Santana GTS, the compact sedan Lavida along with its two variants, the Lavida Club Edition and Club Edition+. 

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Volkswagen Philippines has also announced about special discounts on cash purchase of specific models such as the Lavida (discount of PHP85,000), Santana MPI MT (discount of PHP30,000) and Santana MPI AT S and SE (discount of PHP10,000). Besides, the company has also announced a free periodic maintenance service of three years on the purchase of these specific models. 

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The celebration will also have events for all the family members. For example, the children of the family aged 9-12 can participate in the award-winning child safety initiative of Volkswagen. After a seminar on pedestrian safety alongside their parents, the children can take part in a VR game with seven different levels. The game would focus on using pedestrian crossings, overpasses and the accurate reading of the road signs in a network of busy roads. Those who would be able to pass all the seven levels successfully will be given the Volkswagen safety badge. 

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In addition to these, the official mascot of the company, Wolfi will be greeting the visitors while freebies shall be given to those who would be participating in a test drive of the cars or those who will be reserving the models. Free Volkswagen premium bags will be given to those who would be buying cars on site. 

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The whole affair is a part of the aggressive marketing campaign of the company and reaching out to even more people in the country. It includes the strengthening of the automaker’s network of dealership throughout the country. Volkswagen has already launched its dealership in Langua province known as Volkswagen Santa Rosa. It is the first dealership branch of the company in the southern Luzon region and the eighth overall dealership in the country. It has also decided to open Volkswagen Cagayan de Oro in the region of Mindanao. 

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