5 tips to make your car child friendly

  • Aug 31, 2015

MANILA: As parents, you would know, that with kids comes a hell lot of responsibilities. We often have to make changes around our lifestyle – to suit their needs. Whether at home or at office – kids require complete attention. The same is applicable in cars. With kids around – our traveling can't be same. Their curiosity, a habit of moving and pressing any button make them the most vulnerable passengers – one that always need attention. How can we ensure their complete safety while traveling? We just can't ignore to travel with them or leave them home – but we can surely follow some easy steps to ensure proper child safety. CarBay brings you few easy to follow tips that every parent should adhere to make their car child-friendly.

Baby boy in a child safety car seat

Install child seats:

While traveling with a newborn or a toddler, having a child seat is a prerequisite. A child seat has securable belts that fully secures the child and eliminate any chances of moving around. With a child seat, one even doesn't need an adult to sit back and supervise. When you buy a child seat make sure you check the weight and age criteria to ensure the seat is not too, big for your baby. In new upgraded cars, automakers have installed the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children or LATCH system to ensure your child's safety. If your kids are kindergärtners than child seat might not be necessary, but always make sure your child sit at the rear. This can avoid the impact of an accident, also ensure he is properly harnessed with seat belts.


Don't leave kids unattended:

Often while driving, we run few errands on our way over or socialize with a passing by the friend. This might be appropriate if you are alone, but leaving your kids in the car even for a minute is not advisable. Children are curious and refuse to sit calmly. When they are alone they will be eager to check out car's functions and also can end up moving the car. Also, you may be tempted to quickly run an errand but even a few minutes can cause up your car to head up and causing a heat stroke to your child. This especially happens in summers making the mercury rising in your car within seconds. Unless you have an adult supervising, never leave your kids unattended.


Baby-proof your car:

We treat our car's as a second home, often leaving essentials around. Like the first step of getting a baby onboard in the house is to baby proof the house which is nothing but o ensure keep anything that can harm a child away from his hand. Similarly, the most imperative step to get a baby on board in a car is to ensure you remove all dangerous items from the car's cabin, that can harm your kids. From anything sharp to poisonous to anything that can be dangerous for kids should either not be in your car, or kept away from your child's reach. One more element in baby-proofing is child lock. Kids often like to play with buttons and switches and driving in peak traffic you can't concentrate on every little detail. It's best to use the child lock so that your kid can't open the doors or windows.

Happy boy playing with touchpad in the car

Keep them entertained:

You must have heard a common saying “attention of a two-year-old”. Well, this saying perfectly fit for your kids, obviously! Children are all in one medical kit with Band-curious and with a short attention span, easily bored. Traveling with the kids can be a handful, keeping them safe and entertained at the same time. If your car doesn't support an in-house entertainment system, ensure you carry toys or games around which they can play with, preferably sitting. The best is to play their favorite shows or cartoons or read them a book. If you have nothing, then you can also invent games of naming things or just peeking through the window.

safety gear

Stock the car with safety gear:

Well, calamity can strike anytime, anywhere – and as the mother taught us prevention is better than cure. With kids the chances of small accidents increases. The grave importance of a First aid kit cannot be undermined. Often kids, while playing car hurt themselves and cause small bruises, cuts, and splits, a handy first aid kit can solve these minor issues easily. So on your next visit to pharmacy – get yourself an all in one medical kit with Band-aid, cotton gauze, antiseptic liquid and cream, tweezers and-and few aspirins.


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