8 Traits of a perfect mountain car

  • Jul 24, 2018

Mountaineers have a specified set of demands when it comes to choosing the right vehicle. Back in the past, if you wanted to plan a trip to the hills of Sagada, the GL/Lizardo Trans bus was the best you could get. I still remember how the expert drivers cruised through the hairpin turns with extreme driving skills.

mountain car

Driving through Halsema Highway in the Philippines, it leads to four Mountain province towns namely Bauko, Sabangan, Bontoc, and Sagada. Needless to say, the roads there are rough and you need a beast to handle them.

So below are some traits that your vehicle must have if you are a highlander :

It must climb

driving through the mountains

Needless to say, steep inclines are a thing in every mountain. While peeking through the specs of your ride, look for the torque and not the horsepower. Torque is what that will give you the power to drive through the inclines, even when the vehicle is completely packed up with the load. The old Highlanders didn't come with much torque. So where did they get the power from? The answer is in the final drive ratio of the differential gear. Cars that can effortlessly cruise through the inclines are blessed. If you are from a hilly region, it gets embarrassing if your car gives up on the hill.

A helping hand is welcome

car towing

The best part of owning a 4X4 ranger is its ability to use low-range gearing. The traction of the 4X4 vehicle is mandatory, especially on roads where there are landslides and erosion. Also, there is a sense of connection in the mountains. In a day you will find many cases, where fellow motorists will need a tow. You ought to help them because one day you will need them too.

A big fuel tank and an efficient engine is a bliss

car fulling up

With a big fuel tank, it is highly unlikely that you will run out of fuel even when the gas station is far from your place. However, it may be the changing road conditions that could be a reason for your concern. As mentioned, landslides and road closures are common in hilly areas. So, you should always have some extra fuel in case the situation demands to standby, or take a turn around to head back.

Excellent control in all weather

driving in rain

The best part while cruising through the Halsema highway is that within its stretch of 165 kms, one can encounter any kind of weather changes. If the rain hits the road, a 4X4 or an AWD will make your job easier to drive through the slippery roads.


visibility while driving

In the hills, rains and fog can roll out any moment. You could start on a sunny day but it takes minutes for the roads to turn foggy. Hence, fog lights are mandatory in such areas just not to see but also to get visible for other oncoming vehicles. Rear fog lights are also a must in the hills. In special cases, LTO gives written permission to vehicles for installing aftermarket fog lights.

Easy maintenance and access

Easy maintenance and access

You should own a vehicle that is easier to service and maintain by any amateur mechanic. SUV’s from Japanese brands are usually simpler in design and their parts are found in any auto-parts supplier across the Philippines.

Comfortable enough for a power-nap

Power-nap in car

This may sound weird, but getting stuck in the hills are a common thing for the residents, especially during harsh weather conditions. Longer traffic jam always leads to road rage. It is suggested that you take a quick nap in case you get stuck in the such a situation. It is always a blessing if your car has comfortable seats for you to take a quick nap while the maintenance guys clear out the road for you.

So, if you stay in the hilly regions or plan to take your car out there, the pointers above can be a good guideline to help to take on the treacherous mountain roads.


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