Car Care DIY: Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades

  • Mar 17, 2016

MANILA: Have you ever wondered that your car needs periodic maintenance and care? Yes, we are sure that everyone is quite aware of this fact. However, as a layman, we lack knowledge to mend even the smallest of issues and treat service stations as a local doctor. While these service stations are potent enough to take care of such jobs, doing them yourself can minimize the costs involved. It is very worthy to note, that educating oneself with respect to basics of car related problems can be actually very easy. Rather than being dismayed by the technical jargons, if we dig deeper, it is all about patience and time to understand. With context to these pacifying words, today we will guide you through the method of replacing the windshield wiper blades.

A walk through the guidelines of Wiper Blade Replacement:

1) Reason for changing

With prolonged usage of wiper blades, it deteriorates and deforms from the edges. So, the efficiency of cleaning is lost and it creates hazzy linings on the windscreen, and can even produce irritating sounds during operation. Owing to this, the car owner should look out for the most appropriate pair of blades, based on their respective model.

2) Which one to choose

For this purpose, one can approach their local parts outlet for seeking the right combination. It is important to note that there can be variation in the length of the driver side and passenger side blades.

3) Types of Wiper Blades

  1. Standard/Generic Wiper Blades

  2. Spoiler Wiper Blades

  3. Flat Wiper Blades

  4. Specific Fit Wiper Blades

  5. Rubber Refills

  6. Hook Type Wiper Blades

  7. Pin Type Wiper Blades

4) The final step of How to Replace (Operating the two Major Categories)

1) Working on Hook Type Wiper Blade

This category of wiper possesses a locking tab that builds a connection between the arm and wiper blade. In order to remove the connection, rotate and press down the tab. Also, push it down firmly on the wiper blade till the lock disengages. Now, in order to install a new wiper blade, slide the wiper blade arm hook along with the wiper blade fitting. This should be further pulled up until there is a click sound signifying the accomplishment of this task.

2) Working on Pin Type of Wiper Blade

Unlock the wiper blade by pulling the lock up, thereby pulling out the pin out of the hole that is placed on the wiper blade side. To install this, the black tab needs to be pulled up slightly then the wiper arm pin should be inserted in the wiper blade. This should again be firmly pushed down on the black tab till there is a click sound. This ensures that the procedure is complete.

We are quite hopeful that this informative article will help the car fanatics will learn about the insights of replacing the wiper blades in the right manner.


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