Car tyre hole - Not a thing to worry

  • Aug 10, 2018

If you have been driving a car for some time now, it is quite possible that you have been confronted with a tyre hole issue. If you are thinking what a small hole can possibly do? You are in for a surprise.

The slow leak of air due to an unwanted object stuck in the tyre gradually drains the air out of the tyre making it flat.


Driving even a short distance with a flat tyre can damage the tube inside, this renders the tyre unrepairable calling for a replacement which can cost a lot.

A blowout cannot be ruled out. When a tyre goes flat and is still on the roads it can be hazardous, as a tyre blast can make the driver lose control of the vehicle causing severe injuries.

So, the best way out is to either prevent the leak in the car or if it still occurs (believe me it is bound to happen), then just plug it up with the help of a tool kit, which comes with all the cars.

Prevent it

Roads can be unpredictable, while driving it is not possible to look out for small objects and avoid accidently getting your tyres inflicted by them. Vigilance while driving can help one in avoiding a flat tyre but only to some extent.


  • The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that if you drive slow and safe you can avert most of the tyre wear outs

  • While driving do not pass the tyre over debris and garbage as they are the store houses of all pointed stuff which can cause a hole in the tyre

How so ever careful you are it is actually impossible to avoid a hole in the tyre completely. They will happen and thus the best way is to learn how to get out of this situation when confronted with it.

Fix it

Car manufacturers generally equip all the cars with basic tools needed for carrying out small repairs by your own self. It is a good idea to learn small correction tricks if you want to avoid rushing to the workshop for every little thing.


  1. If you feel the drive is uncomfortable and the tyre seems a bit wobbly, it is time to inspect the tyre. The first step is to identify the spot where the hole has manifested itself.

  • This identification can be done either by putting your ear near the tyre, a small leak makes an identifiable sound.

  • Moving ones hand around the tyre can make one feel the air outflow and thus spot the place of leak.

  • Just brush the entire tyre with some soap water and you will see the place of leak develop bubbles.

Mark this place and start with the other steps.

2. The next step will be to put the jack under the car near the damaged tyre and lift it up, so you can remove the tyre and start the plugging process. This step can precede the first step if identification of damage is getting difficult with the tyre still on the car.


3. Now take out your plug toolkit. This kit has two shafts- one with a rough screwdriver like look and the other is smooth with an eye at the end. A pack of four to five rubber plug strings and a tube of rubber cement.

4. This tool kit is all you need. Now take a flat screw and pull out any object which has gone into the tyre. Put a finger over the whole to avoid too much air loss.

5. Insert the rough shaft into the hole repeatedly around four to five times, this is done to make the whole big enough for insertion of the plug string.

6. Once the hole is evident, thread a plug string (which is quite sticky) in the eye of the other shaft, also put a generous amount of rubber cement on the string so that the repair lasts long and finally insert it in the tyre. Pull the shaft out. The string will stay in.

VOILA!! Your tyre hole is corrected and you are good to go.

This rubber plug string plugs the hole perfectly but if a similar situation occurs again then it time to visit a repair shop.


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