Choosing the \'Right Car Promo\', the first step towards cracking the perfect deal

  • Jan 24, 2017

Buying a car is a big financial decision and a long term too, and it becomes more special cum difficult if you are a first-time car buyer. The prospective buyer has to go through a lot – from choosing the segment, selecting the brand, drawing out the budget and much more. As a breeze of relief in all this chaos come attractive and appealing car promos. Auto brands time and again treat customs with different promos that do two things for sure, firstly if you know the car you want to buy and have an ongoing promo running on the same, you surely are in luck. But on the other hand, if an attractive promo is running on the competitor's product than customs often get confused.

The car manufacturers or dealers play different promo cards to allure buyers. Now, as a smart shopper one has to analyze how & which car promo is beneficial for him/her.

In this article, we’ll give you a brief about different types of car promos that usually run in the auto market. Hoping that it'll help you make an informative purchase decision 

Cash Discount

The first on our list is a very familiar and easy to understand promo, the cash discount. Here, the manufacturer or dealer usually gives a fixed amount of money cut-off on the vehicle for a particular time frame. It could come as a festive greeting or celebrate a special occasion. It is a good deal for any buyer.


It is a car promo that a car buyer very often comes across. But before going into detail, let’s first understand what a downpayment making means. Well, it a partial payment (usually 20% of the actual price) paid by the buyer, while the rest of the amount is paid in fixed monthly installments. In the case of all-in downpayment, registration fee, insurance, and chattel mortgage fee are all inclusive in the payment.

Low Downpayment

As mentioned in the above point, downpayment amount is usually calculated on 20% of the total payment. However, in the case of low downpayment scheme buyers are allowed to make a lower down payment than the market standards.

Zero Downpayment

As the name suggest, the prospective buyer under such promo is not required to make any immediate cash payment. It’s a great promo for those customers who are short on cash. Under this promo, the entire purchase amount is spread across monthly EMI's paid over a fixed time frame.

Low Monthly

Under this promo, shoppers get the advantage of paying low monthly installments. But it comes under the condition of making a high downpayment. So, if you have spare cash-in-hand at the moment that you are ready to give away and want to keep your EMI’s to the lowest and also, want them to end soon, then this promo will prove beneficial.

Low Interest

Making a purchase via availing auto loan means that you agree to pay the rest of the amount in EMI’s that’ll add up the interest amount. Well, in the case of a low-interest promo, the rate is lower than the standard market prevailing rate.

Zero Interest

Here, the buyer is freed from the burden of paying interest on an auto loan for a specific duration of time. It is a great offer for customers who are taking an auto loan for supporting their purchase.

Added Extras

Under this promo, the buyer along with the car will get free added services or accessories. The added extras can vary from brand to brand & dealer to dealer. Make a smart decision and see whether the added services or items are beneficial or not.

That’s all on promos, we hope the article helps you in making a smart decision.

Happy Car Shopping!  


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