DIY: How to Bring A Dead Car Battery To Life

  • Mar 18, 2016

MANILA: Did you just happen to leave your car lights open or some other accessory for that matter? Or when you walk up to your car and discover that your battery just turned dead!! Halt! You don't need to panic at all, as we will present to you an exhaustive list of guidelines that will help you charge them for a time frame of 3-6 hours to give it a decent level of charge. This write up will cater to every kind of brand/model irrespective to which country or region it belongs to. The battery usually drains or loses its life owing to excessive heat and mostly not due to cold climatic/temperature conditions.

Requisites that will aid the charging process to Jump-Start the car

  • Gloves

  • Jumper Cables

  • Functioning Car

  • Non-Working Car (That needs to be be revived)


Avoid the frozen, damaged or crack cables in any manner for this process. This can possibly create an explosion or an accident. Also, remove the material or object that is explosive in nature from the workstation (when it is connected to another battery), as it can create the occurrence of a serious injury/accident. This is recommended owing to the possession of hydrogen in the battery, which is highly explosive gas.


  • Source a working car along with the accessibility of Jumper Cables, and position it in such a manner that it there should be a hood to the hood alignment of both the cars (car with the dead battery and the car with a good battery). There can be few inches difference in the positioning of these cars.

  • Both the engines should be turned off, and it should be made sure that there shouldn't be any inflammable object present near these cars to prevent any sort of mishappening.

  • Identify the positive and negative terminals of both the batteries. There will be proper labelling for the same (For positive and Negative respectively).

  • The clamps of both the cars should be attached in such a manner, that one of the red clamps of the jumper cable should be bonded to the positive terminal of the dead non-functioning car.

  • Now connect the red clamps to the positive terminal of the working car battery and attach the black clamp of the jumper cable to the negative terminal of the working car battery.

  • Further ahead, connect the black clamp to a clean metal portion of the dead car's engine in order to complete the circuit.

  • Now you can test the functioning by starting the car with the dead battery , if it doesn't start then try doing this while replacing the positioning of cables.

  • Now start the engine of the functioning car, this process may take 4-5 minutes or even more for the desired result. The purpose for this is to boost up the dead battery. Turn off the working car and now again connect the jumper cables in order.

This process is useful for the batteries which have got drained due to usual human errors, but the worn out batteries should be replaced  immediately and not put under this process. It is advised that one should always prefer visiting an authorised service station, but this method can be utilised during sudden mishaps.


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