Effective ways to buy the right battery for your car

  • May 24, 2018

A battery plays a vital role in providing the initial kick to start the engine. Additionally, it delivers power to all other electronic and electrical accessories of the car. However, like other car parts, a battery may stop working due to several reasons. Thus, you may need to buy a new one if the battery is beyond serviceable. Before heading out to buy a new battery for your car, you have to consider many factors to make the accessory a perfect fit for your car.

Some checks to be performed before buying a new car battery

Car Battery

Before you buy a new battery, check the current condition of your battery. This will allow you to use the current battery by doing some minor repairs. Avoid waiting until the battery reaches the dead condition. Go through the maintenance guide of your car or verify online how frequently you are supposed to replace your battery. Stick to the recommendations mentioned in the maintenance guide and change your battery, if necessary.

Though most modern-day car batteries are designed with the maintenance-free feature, it is better to check the health of your car battery at least once in two years if you are living in a warmer area. If you happen to live in colder areas, check the battery at least twice a year.

If these checks are encouraging, you need not buy a new battery. Moreover, buy your car battery from the local battery dealer, rather than buying it online. This will allow you to replace your battery easily if any problem arises during the warranty period.

Some preliminary things to consider prior to buying a new battery

Changing Car Battery

Before buying a new car battery, find out what type of battery you require. You can check this by referring your vehicle maintenance manual.  Otherwise, check online and look for the reviews of the battery you are going to buy. Finally, buy a new battery and discard your worn out battery responsibly.

Ways to choose the right battery for your car


Once you need to buy a new battery for your car, consider the following factors: -

1) Decide the type of the battery

Usually, all car batteries come with the traditional maintenance-free feature or as with highly developed absorbed glass mat (AGM). Each has its own pros and cons, accordingly.

The traditional maintenance-free batteries require periodic refill to keep them in a healthy condition. They are comparatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of AGM ones.  However, these batteries will stay healthy as long as they have sufficient amount of distilled water to perform well.

On the other hand, AGM batteries are designed to withstand frequent cycles of draining and recharging. They come with many beneficial features, like electronic safety, stop-start systems to save fuel, and power outlets for charging mobile devices. An AGM battery will be capable of delivering more power, but it is more expensive than the traditional one.

2) Choose a battery that meets your requirements

While buying a new battery, ensure you buy the right type and size that best fits your car. Verify an in-store fitment manual or your maintenance manual prior to your purchase.

3) Look for a battery that performed well during Battery Life Test

This is extremely necessary if you are living where the climate is very hot. This is because high temperatures will create rust on the plate and vaporize the electrolyte early. Extended life is particularly important if you make several short tours, as they will not offer sufficient time to your battery to recharge.

4) Hunt for a battery that performed well during the Reserve-Capacity and in Cold-Cranking Amps Test

The results of the test usually reflect the starting power that the battery offers. Therefore, choose a battery that effectively passes successfully through the test to get the required power to your car's electrical accessories, besides to its engine.

4) Avoid buying an old battery

This is very important because any high-quality battery will lose its power over time when you keep your car in an idle condition. Therefore, to get the best battery performance, consider buying a battery that has been manufactured within six months at the time of your purchase. You can see details, such as the type of battery, date of manufacture, power ratings, etc., on the label attached to the battery.

The final tip is that consider buying your new battery that comes with an extended warranty from a reliable and reputable dealer. This will allow you to replace your new battery when any manufacturing defects are discovered over time.

After purchasing your new battery, avoid throwing it in the storage bin. Try to dispose of your old battery in an appropriate manner.


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