Five features in a car that deserves more appreciation

  • Jul 31, 2018

Constant innovations, developments in the design and concept models to production vehicles are a vital part of the automotive industry. Today, we have a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing, the right car. Well, we often get carried away after going through different amazing features, but its very essential to remember the classics. Even though the latest innovations are amazing, there are some you could easily live without. So, next time you plan on buying a new car, go through these features given below that makes any car comfortable and easier to ride:

Turbo engine with small displacement 

trubo engine

Be it high-end variants or the basic models, compact engines with turbocharging and direct injection have become a vital part of almost all the automotive brands. Let us take the case of Volkswagen for example, the company uses TSI gasoline engines with Bluemotion Technology across its entire product lineup. These engines are well known for delivering excellent power and torque, but not at the cost of fuel efficiency as well as emissions.

Direct Shift Gearbox with Hill Hold Control 

Direct Shift Gearbox with Hill Hold Control 

A Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) gearbox is an automatic transmission system that comes with two different clutches; one that controls the odd gears and the other controlling the even ones. This enables super fast gear shifts and instant acceleration at any speed, without affecting the fuel economy.

On the other hand, Hill Hold Control (HHC) is a function that is very helpful on an incline. When the vehicle is stopped at an incline, HHC gives the car an adequate amount of braking pressure, while accelerating, to keep it from rolling back. The system automatically releases the brakes, as soon as it senses, that there is enough force in the throttle, to accelerate the car forward.

Leather seats 

car Leather seats 

Seats with high-quality leather covering enhances the looks of a car's cabin and makes it appealing. Even though leather requires regular cleaning as well as conditioning to keep away the usual cracks and discoloration; maintaining leather seats is quite simple as well as fast too. All you need to do is, wipe out the dust and crumbs, and you are as good as new.

Cruise control

If your job requires a lot of travelling on the flat highways, cruise control can help you very much. It enhances your vehicle’s fuel economy by balancing the throttle and gear shifts to keep your car at a constant speed. This reduces the driver input and also saves a lot of fuel.



When you are on a road trip to an exotic location, a sunroof lets you enjoy the natural air and freshness to its best. In the city, you can enjoy the natural light stream by sliding the sunshade open and keeping the glass panel closed.

All the above features are integrated with the Lavida, one of the upcoming lineups from Volkswagen. The vehicle is powered by a 1.4-litre TSI engine that produces an amazing 130 hp. It is equipped with BlueMotion technology, climatic air conditioning, ESP, and a tire-pressure monitor. These features are usually found in high-end models and are not offered at this price range.


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