Got a problem with your Car AC? Here is what you need to know

  • Apr 18, 2017

The air conditioner is one of the most crucial parts of the car in making your overall ride pleasurable. No matter what season it is, your AC has its role to play, especially in the scorching heat. In summers, the car’s cabin temperature might reach to as high as 60 degrees Centigrade and in order to match such high temperature of the cabin, it is vital to get your car AC serviced on a regular basis.

Car Air-Conditioning-Service

As the AC service is a broad term and includes a lot of parts, it is essential that you are aware what part requires what sort of attention. The different parts of the AC system include an evaporator, blower, expansion valve, compressor, drier and condenser. With so many parts involved, a car owner usually faces issues in determining the exact issue involved behind insufficient cooling. To make the process a little easy, here are a few things that you should consider.

Common Issues Of AC Unit

AC Refrigerant

There is a list of things that might go wrong with your car’s AC system. Most of the issues are due to moisture and dirt. One of the common issues is the blockage of filters and condenser that prevents the flow of air over the cooling coils. Another area where dust finds a spot is the blower or fan unit of the AC.

AC Refrigerant Check

The leakage of refrigerant is another common issue involved with the AC systems of cars. Most of the refrigerant used in ACs have a low boiling point and can leak from a range of areas. These areas include joints in the piping, pressure release valve and front seal of the compressor. This refrigerant can be topped up with the use of Recovery Recycling Gas and Gas recharging machine.

Next is the compressor, which might take heavy costs to repair. The things that might go wrong with it are the magnetic clutch, pistons, or leaks in the oil rings. All these damages occur when a user skips recommended AC service. Due to this, the entire system works under excessive pressure and leads to a significant damage.

What happens in a routine AC service?

Car AC System

As most of the parts of an AC system deal with dust and dirt in the environment, a major portion of the service is dedicated to the cleaning of these parts. As most of the parts are placed within a dense structure, a lot of parts have to undone to reach them. Depending on the car, a bumper is removed to reach the car condenser unit, which is usually behind the radiator. The condenser is cleaned with a high-pressure water jet to get rid of the dust and dirt.

Extensive cleaning is done through cleaning reagents and a brush which gets rid of the tougher blockages. The air filter is also serviced which is placed inside the cabin. This filter is of two types- paper filter or wire and mesh filter. The paper filter is usually replaced while the mesh and wire filter is washed and placed back. In some cars, this filter is placed inside the blower unit that increases the overall work of the service man.

There is a range of outlets that provide servicing of AC systems but, in order to get the optimal results, always get the service done from an authorized manufacturer service centers. Also, make sure that the interiors are clean so that the hot air gets out smoothly and dust and dirt don’t set on the filter.


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