Grim statistics that will stop you from driving drunk

Grim statistics that will stop you from driving drunk

Us drivers must be a part of the solution, if the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reducing traffic-related fatalities and injuries by 50% by 2030, is to be met. That means we should know better than driving while intoxicated with alcohol.


  • How many people has the 'Power of No' campaign educated on the dangers of drunk driving?

  • Here are some statistics about drunk driving so grim that you, or your friend or family, will avoid committing that fatal act.

    Drunk Driving Facts and Figures

    About 2,000 persons a day in Southeast Asia lose their lives in traffic accidents.

    An estimated 12,000 people perish on Philippine roads each year, and 25% of these fatalities are thought to be caused by drunk driving.

    The World Health Organization totals both numbers.

    Also according to WHO, fatal traffic accidents are the main cause of death for those between the ages of five and 29. The Southeast Asia region has been suffering from a "hidden plague" for years. But car accidents are often avoidable, so they are not inevitable.

    2023 Changan CS55 Plus Baguio drive (10)

    Southeast Asia's streets are now controlled by the youth, who make up around one fifth of the population. This implies that youngsters have the ability to improve road safety.

    The prevention of drunk driving is a crucial element. Young adults are particularly at risk for drinking and driving in Southeast Asia; they are six times more likely than the overall population to do so, per the IHME Global Burden of Disease Study.

    ‘Power of No’ Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

    Despite these cases, the war against drunk driving continues.

    With support from the Philippine National Police and its implementation partner, the Automobile Association of Vietnam (AAV), ABAPI and the Automobile Association of the Philippines have teamed up to inform young people about the dangers that could result from drinking and driving.

    This 2023, the “Power of No” campaign expects to expand to other Asia Pacific countries to encourage responsible drinking and lasting behavior change in young people.

    Photo from BSB Junrose/Sankei 555

    The campaign started in 2022 and “Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk” was the theme of an international photo competition that the campaign launched in the same year.

    The competition pushed participants to consider their actions carefully the next time they see a buddy reaching for their keys while intoxicated. It also inspired friendship groups to collaborate to eliminate drunk driving.

    And so young people gained knowledge about how alcohol affects the body, gained an understanding of legal responsibilities, and tested practical preventative measures by taking part in the competition. 

    Visit the Power of No website or Facebook page to find out more information.

    Photos from the Power of No, BSB Junrose, and Dylan Afuang 

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