How to fix a stuck ignition switch?

  • Nov 05, 2018

You all might have faced a stuck ignition switch situation once in your life. But when it happens for the very first time, it is quite apparent to get frustrated and confused. In such circumstances when you’re putting in countless efforts to turn on the ignition, the chances of breaking the key due to frustration are high. Believe us, it won't do any good, and you will end up replacing the whole ignition unit.

stuck ignition switch

So, instead of breaking or throwing away your key, try what we are suggesting you down here.

What to do in a stuck ignition switch situation?

Well, first of all, there is no need to get frustrated. Ignition switches may get stuck due to loosened keys, rain or jammed parts. But no need to worry, everything has a solution to it. As a rational solution, everyone would suggest you to add a few drops of a wet lubricant like oil or grease to make it work. And it will work, but you may face problems after some time because wet lubricants attract dust and sand particles get deposit inside the ignition switch, causing further problems. And this may end up in the replacement of the ignition unit.

Instead of getting a whole new ignition system, follow the below-mentioned steps and get that key rolling -

  • Get a pencil and a cutter


  •  Place the pencil tip just above ignition switch and rub the tip with the help of a cutter

  •  Let the graphite powder from the pencil tip fall right inside the ignition switch

  •  Try turning on the switch by inserting keys

If the above-listed steps are too hard, you can also go with rubbing the pencil tip on the sides of the key until the line turn out dark.

If it's just a lubrication problem, there are 99.9 percent chances the ignition switch will turn on. But if its something else then the best option is to visit the nearest service centre around you


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