How to stay safe and sanitized during every drive

How to stay safe and sanitized during every drive

Rising COVID-19 cases have brought stricter safety and travel protocols in the metro and several nearby provinces. 


  • How do Prestone Disinfecting Car Wipes work?

    By applying Prestone Disinfecting Wipes on a car's interior surfaces, 99.9% percent of bacteria are eliminated.
  • What other products is Prestone Philippines offering?

    Prestone Philippines offers a range of brake fluids and motor oils.
  • Despite the situation, some people may still need to do long drives. Those who visited their provinces during the holidays may need to return home to the metro, or vice versa. Medical frontliners may need to travel for long hours to reach their patients.  

    While we hope things return to some semblance of the old normal soon, Prestone has got our backs as motorists. Since 1927, Prestone has become a proven and trusted quality brand of automotive fluids. 

    And as a road safety advocate, Prestone Philippines is sharing safety protocols to conduct with our vehicles before and during every journey. 

    Bring a travel health kit and disinfecting wipes

    When you’re traveling, you may encounter different people and surfaces, maybe in checkpoints, gasoline stations, or tollgates — which increases your risk to COVID-19 exposure. 

    Prestone Disinfecting Car Wipes

    Protect yourself from the virus by bringing a travel health kit, which includes spare pieces of surgical masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizer or rubbing/sanitizing alcohol, and even a first aid kit, 

    Add Prestone Disinfecting Car Wipes in the kit, too. These disinfecting wipes can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just one minute. The wipes can be applied to your car's dashboard, console, steering wheel, window buttons, door handles, and gear stick. 

    Maintain your car's brakes

    If you notice that your car's brake pedal gives a spongy feeling at every press, this means your brakes need to get checked. Observe if your brakes produce a sharp squeal — a reminder to replace the car's brake pads. 

    Prestone has reliable and trusted brake fluids for your vehicle’s braking system and its related parts. Exceeding the standard requirements, Prestone’s DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluids give an incredible performance in high-temperature braking systems and provide an increased fluid life of 80,000 kilometers.


    Prestone Brake Fluids also prevent all metal corrosion within the braking system and is suitable for a disc, drum, and anti-lock braking systems. 

    Feed your car's engine oil

    Early detection of an engine problem may save you trouble on the road. Ensure that your engine has no leaks or strange noises that would indicate problems.

    Meanwhile, Prestone has a variety of motor oils suitable for gasoline or diesel engines, whether it’s turbo or non-turbo, that you can apply to help your engine achieve its best performance and maintain its tip-top condition.

    Prestone - Checking car's automatic transmission fluid and and power steering fluid

    Prestone Motor Oil has G-Tech and D-Tech 500 formulations for gasoline and diesel motors, respectively. G-Tech comes in three variations: the G-Tech Advance (Mineral Oil), the G-Tech Synblend (Synthetic Blend), and the G-Tech Full Synthetic. D-Tech 500, on the other hand, consists of the D-Tech 500 Synblend (Synthetic Blend) and the D-Tech 500 Full Synthetic.

    Check your car's essential components

    Your vehicle’s tires are the only components in contact with the road. For that reason, keep an eye on their air pressure and tread depth, while looking for bubbles, bulges, or visible damages.

    Inspect your vehicle’s battery, whether it has sufficient charge and its cables are connected to the terminals. Next, look for any faulty or fractured bulbs in your head-, brake-, hazard-, and turn signal lights.  Replace faulty bulbs to your car is ready — and safe — for nighttime driving. 

    Prestone Coolant

    Lastly, inspect the levels of your car's essential fluids such as coolant, windshield wiper-, transmission-, and power steering fluids. While you're at it, ensure that your vehicle's belts, hoses, and air filters are in excellent state.

    To learn more about Prestone Philippines and its products, visit its website. 

    Photos from Prestone Philippines

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