Learn how to remove those stubborn car sticker residues

  • Apr 05, 2019

There are many instances when we put up stickers on the body shell and outer or inner components of our car – sometimes by necessity and other times due to strict norms and rules, at times even by interest to add some zing to our car. However, the moment we decide to remove a sticker is when we realize how difficult a task it is.

Removing a sticker

All the stickers usually come with long-lasting glue or residue, which makes the inner layers of the label remain on the part, if not removed cautiously. To be more specific, the slimy residue of a sticker remains plastered on the part as a stubborn thing to remove. It feels like an easy thing to remove, but actually, requires a lot of effort. Most of the people even feel the urge of using sharpened objects like knife and blade to remove this residue, which might cause permanent damage the part.


Usually what most people do as a part of common practice is take some considerable amount of soapy water, rub it on the residue and try to peel it off by using fingernails or a dry cloth. However, here we are trying to show you a full-proof execution to get rid off such a stubborn thing – use WD-40.

Using WD-40

For starters, the WD-40 is a multi-use spray bottle, which executes several tasks like driving out moisture, cleaning and protecting a layer, loosening rusting parts and freeing sticky mechanisms. What you need to do is, spray a slight amount of WD-40 on the residue and gently rub it off with the help of a microfiber cloth.

Using WD-40 with a cloth

However, while doing this, do take care of the spillage of extra spray on the dashboard or any other layer. If not rubbed, this sprayed chemical might cause ugly stains which are hard to remove back again.


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