Planning to Own a Pick-Up? – Check Out These Deciding factors!

  • Apr 28, 2016

MANILA: Planning to buy a commercial vehicle? Well, Philippines automotive market is currently experiencing a sudden boom in the pick-up segment which is encouraging the automakers to enhance their fleets with at least one drive in this segment. Pick-ups are multi-purpose vehicles which can serve the commercial requirements while addressing the personal needs as well. Keeping the same in mind, the makers are now giving those aspects and specs to these vehicles which were earlier available only in passenger drives. Since there is a wide choice in this segment these days, it might be difficult to narrow down on one as a buyer. If you are also stuck between the options, we have compiled the basic questions and tips which you should consider while finalizing your drive.

Primary use of your drive

Primary use

Are you sure to own a pick-up? If yes, what will be the utility? Well, we would suggest you to ask these questions from yourself before even checking out the pick-up segment. Pick-up doesn't mean that you would use it as your primary passenger car and rarely for the commercial purpose. Since pick-ups these days have big engines, it would not be a wise idea to use it for day-to-day commutation due to high fuel consumption. But, if you are sure to own a drive majorly for commercial utility, there can't be anything better than a pick-up.

Build-up of your Pick-up

Build-up of your pick-up

So, at least you know that you want to own a pick-up this time. Now, cut down the list on the basis of build-up and dimensions. There are pick-ups with load beds in different dimensions and you can choose one as per your requirement. Also, if you want to use it as a personal drive and don't want to compromise on style and utility aspects, there are various automakers which are giving an SUV-like appearance to their pick-ups with similar segment aspects at the structure to attract the customers. With this, you also get an option to choose from a single cab and double cab drives which simply mean cabin for 2 passengers or for 5 occupants respectively.

List Down the Comforting features

check list the required features

Yes, we would surely ask you to list down the aspects you want to have in your pick-up. Even if you want to use it for commercial purpose, driving for long can be tiresome and hectic, so having some comforting features like air conditioning unit, comfortable seats, good cabin space and a basic entertainment system is just the minimal you would like to have in your pick-up. If you really want a comfortable drive every time you hop in your pick-up and steer your way, irrespective of commercial or personal use, there is a huge list of pick-ups from various manufacturers to browse which are offering drives well-packed with amenities to deliver you a 'non pick-up' experience. Check out the latest versions of these drives and you would find the cabin styling nothing less than premium sedans, with aspects similar to SUVs. The crux is, there are pick-ups in entry, mid and upper levels and you can shortlist one on the basis of the aspects needed.

Prioritize on Safety, Power, and Convenience

Prioritize your choices

This again is a matter of choice which you should prioritize according to your needs. Earlier, pick-ups hardly had any safety aspects but now manufacturers and customers are quite considerate towards this segment and don't want to compromise. Also, you should narrow down on the power segment keeping the frequency and load in mind. It won't be a good decision to buy a pick-up with a heavy engine for commercial use within the city which would ultimately burn more fuel, enhancing your commutation cost. Convenience is another segment which depends completely on the choice of the buyers.

Price Band

Price bracket

Well, most of the things depend on your budget, so surely this is one factor which might help you or affect your list. Just like other segment drives, pick-ups are also available in different price band and it would be convenient for you to agree on a budget and start looking for the best-suited pick-ups which fall in that price range. You can also check out various payment options, finance schemes, and discounts while doing all the research work. Some discounts are offered by the manufacturer while you can negotiate with the dealer to fetch more discount on the pick-up you finally want to own.

Summarizing this, it's indeed an uphill task to decide one pick-up from all the available options. To make this buying process convenient, start listing your preferences in aspects, which you surely want in your pick-up keeping your budget in mind. Also, keep your eyes open for all the promos offered by the manufacturers.

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