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KTM Duke 200 - Features that impress

KTM Duke 200 - Features that impress
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The fact that KTM has changed the way we look at sporty bikes is no longer hidden. Sports bikes were exclusive to high displacement models only and the number of options in the lower displacement segment was limited.

KTM Duke 200 side

However, with the introduction of the 390 and 200 series of Duke and RC, the situation changed dramatically. These KTM bikes were designed to impress and managed to be competition-killers with their powerful performance, lightweight yet sturdy body and amazing features. And of course, the competitive price tag did manage to contribute a lot.

One of the most popular models from KTM in most of the countries is the Duke 200. Yes, the same naked street bike that is known for its amazing performance and some out-of-the-box features. Here are a few of the interesting facts about KTM Duke 200.


The KTM Duke 200 is the most powerful motorcycle in the sub-200cc segment. The motor can produce tremendous of power, enough to give you a thrilling ride. The total power production of 25 PS feels amazing, especially with the acceleration being deadly.


The KTM Duke 200 has an underbelly exhaust, something that you won’t find very common in naked motorcycles at that range. However, despite the low cap, it can withstand flood and water pool without the engine switching off.

KTM Duke 200 seat

Seat height

The Duke has a very high saddle height and people with short inseam length may struggle to get a flat foot on the ground. However, the 810 mm seat height can be lowered marginally with an adjustable mechanism just above the rear monoshock suspension.


The KTM Duke 200 does have a very comfortable suspension setup and the company has perfected it over years. However, it is interesting to know that the motorcycle has a great suspension travel. Yes, there is 150mm travel available at both the ends, front and rear.

KTM Duke 200 side profile


The Duke 200 probably has the thickest tyres in the segment. The 150-section rear tyre is quite grippy and can take on the corners at good lean angles. The bike can do that 99 times out of 100 with absolute precision.


The bike has some features that are not known by most of the people who haven’t owned it yet. The ignition of the bike cannot be turned on if the side stand is not up. This saves the rider from unforeseen accidents on turns if the stand is still down.

KTM Duke 200 tyre

Plus, if you have just slipped and the bike has fallen on the ground, the engine kills itself off and the self-start won’t work until you turn off the key and turn it on again. Otherwise normally in other bikes, if the throttle is twisted while picking the bike up, it may sprint ahead, causing more damage.


The KTM Duke is considered to be a premium motorcycle in its range and is probably priced higher than most others. But yes, the company does offer some of the best-in-class features to make it an extremely valuable bike. So now you know, every fraction of the amount you pay to buy the KTM Duke 200 is worth.

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KTM Duke 200 ₱169,000 MA starts : ₱3,839