Top reasons to buy Honda BeAT

Top reasons to buy Honda BeAT

The all-new Honda BeAT is all set to intensify the heat in the 110 cc scooter segment! It is available in three trims and nine colour choices. The two standard models - Honda BeAT Fashion Sport and the Honda BeAT Street are priced at PHP 66,900 while the top-spec Honda BeAT Premium (CBS) is available for PHP 70,400.

Honda BeAT was fashioned for the younger generation of motorists which makes it a close competitor of the Yamaha Mio Series.

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Modern outlook, wide array of colour choices, and eco-friendliness are just some of the unique selling points of this 110 cc scooter. As an entry-level model, it has a sharp and edgy design that is truly captivating. The pointy headlamps accentuate the aggressiveness of the front apron whilst complemented by the black-themed alloy wheels to complete its sporty stance.

Here are the specifications of the Honda BeAT:

Length x Width x Height

1,856 x 666 x 1,068 (mm)

Wheel Base

1256 mm

Front Tire Size

0/90 - 14 M/C 40P (Tubeless)

Rear Tire Size

90/90 - 14 M/C 46P (Tubeless)


4-Stroke, Air-cooled, Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) eSP (enhanced Smart Power)

Transmission Type

Continuous Variable Transmission with V-Belt Automatic

Dry Weight

90 - 93 kg

Ground Clearance

146 mm

What are the key reasons for you to buy this scooter?

Honda, being known as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers around the world, has surely made their BeAT a fascinating one.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to buy this 110 cc scooter:

Engine and Performance - Honda BeAT models are equipped with a four-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC enhanced Smart Power engine that can fire up to 8.6 horsepower at 7500 rpm and 9.21 Nm torque at 6000 rpm. The PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection) system with electronic control technology employed in the scooter’s engine enables it to optimally supply fuel and air to the whole unit to provide efficient engine power and low emissions. In addition, the combination of the generator and the starter in a single system ensures smoother and noiseless starting of the engine.

Combination Braking System - The top-spec trim of the Honda BeAT has the Combination or Combi-Braking System that helps provide balance in the front and rear wheel braking to allow ease of operations. The CBS means that the brake will act on both front and rear wheels together every time the brakes are being applied. This can also reduce the braking distance while providing stability to the vehicle to avoid skidding, crashing, or becoming out of balance. All the models of the Honda BeAT are using Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brake for the front wheels and Mechanical Leading Trailing for the rear.

Design - Another reason for you to invest in Honda BeAT is its new stylish design. The upgraded tubeless tires with bold and aggressive wheel design, the attractive headlights and winker, as well as the sharp and sleek taillight design are some features that you can’t just ignore. The compact and slim body of this scooter makes it easier to handle so it is an ideal ride for daily commutes, market hopping, and even just for fetching your kids from school.

Additional Features - This scooter has a semi-digital meter panel which is still impressive for an entry-level scooter. The ECO indicator is also a plus as it notifies you if you reach optimum fuel efficiency. On top of this is the ISS or Idling Stop System that automatically shuts down your scooter’s engine once it goes idle for three seconds and automatically switches on again just by twisting the throttle. In this manner, you can avoid the unnecessary fuel consumption brought by a working engine even if it's idle, hence, a practical feature for those who conquer the daily traffic on the urban highways.

Fuel Efficiency - With the combined features of PGM-Fi equipped engine and the ISS, there is no doubt that this scooter is very fuel-efficient and environment-friendly, thus, saving lots of fuel cost in the long run. It has a claimed fuel efficiency of up to 63 kilometers per liter which makes it an ideal addition to the top reasons to have the BeAT.

Storage - Worried about the storage? This scooter has an 11-litre utility box where you can put your documents, sunglasses, gloves, phone, or other small gadgets. Most scooters tend to lack in terms of storage, as for Honda, they are just being true on their message that this scooter is for everyone’s convenience, most especially, the young motorists, hence, the big compartment capacity.

Safety - Apart from the Engine Check Warning, and Pass Switch, the Honda BeAT specs sheet is also equipped with a Secured Key Shutter which is a combination of the magnetic safety ignition and the seat eject button. Also, the scooter has a side stand switch that is an added safety feature that automatically shuts the engine off once set down. This is to avoid some incidences like when the engine isn't fully stopped resulting in motorcycle zooming across a path regardless of the obstructions.

Affordability - As an entry-level scooter, there is no wonder that this model by the famous Japanese brand Honda was made to be affordable as much as possible without compromising the total riding performance and design. Here is the complete price list of the Honda BeAT models:

Honda BeAT Fashion Sport

PHP 66,900

Honda BeAT Street

PHP 66,900

Honda BeAT Premium (CBS)

PHP 70,400

What is the difference between the three Honda BeAT models?

The two standard models Fashion Sport and Street have no differences at all except for the designs available. The Fashion Sport has more chic and flamboyant colours while the Street has more aggressive and monochromatic colours. On the other hand, the Premium model is equipped with a Combi-Braking System and uses Mono Shock-Unit Swing for the Rear Suspension while the two standard models use the Mechanical Leading Trailing. As for the front suspension, all of the models are using the Telescopic Fork type.

Given its price, riding performance, fuel efficiency, and design, there is no wonder that the Honda BeAT will captivate the hearts of many. The standard models are very much affordable and already great by itself but if you can spare a few more thousands, you can already have the premium one with an added safety feature of the Combi-Braking System.

Excited to ‘Ride to Your Own BeAT’? Get the best ride of your life and test drive the Honda BeAT today at your nearest Honda dealer store.

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