Yamaha FZi - Features explained

Yamaha FZi - Features explained

Thanks to Yamaha’s FZi range, motorcycle manufacturers realized that street motorcycles don’t have to be boring. While the bike has come a long way from its origins, it thankfully still carries that same muscular profile that made it stand apart from the rest. The current FZi is now almost a 10-year-old bike. And this time has allowed it to grow and acquire features, that make it one of the best commuter and entry-level motorcycles in the country. Pinoys do not share their affection for underbones with motorcycles, and yet the Yamaha FZi has become quite successful. Here is a look at some of the most prominent ones.

Yamaha FZi

Brawny styling

There is no denying that the FZi is a rather fetching piece of design. Yes, it has been rather slow on the matter of receiving updates and refreshes, but why to fix something that ain’t broke. And the design works on many levels. The headlight might only be multi-reflector, but it does look fitting for the naked street setting. Same goes for the wind deflector resting on top. Moving back, the tank has maintained its signature muscular styling, now accentuated by large extensions. While they may look like radiator shrouds, the bike is very much air cooled. Still, as a styling element, they look very fitting.

The stubby exhaust looks like it is lifted straight out of a video game and with an added protector, is just as functional. The rear wheel is almost completely covered by a tire hugger that keeps away splashes of water from that high tail. That tail section is now much sharper and features a metal bracket for added appeal. The seats are split and quite high but very comfortable. The rider gets an improved digital instrument panel to look at, which is now more comprehensive with an eco-indicator while also being easier to read with orange backlighting.

Yamaha FZi lights

Impressive performance

For its new model, the FZi gained a fuel injected engine. This helps it in delivering an optimum mixture of both performance and fuel economy. It does not get liquid-cooling which would have anyways been wasted on a largely commuter bike like this. There is no dearth of performance from this engine. The 4-stroke SOHC 2 valve 150 cc unit produces 13.1 PS of peak power and 12.8 Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed transmission. It is known for a smooth and linear power delivery with enough power spread across the entire rev range. Even the fuel economy is decent at 45 kmpl which is backed by a 12-litre fuel tank. Combined with reliability and refinement, this engine does a lot of things very well.

Sporty handling

Yamaha FZi handling

The Yamaha FZi comes with a surprisingly good handling package thanks to Yamaha’s extensive catalogue of racing. But it’s not all about racing agility at the cost of comfort. This is first and foremost a street motorcycle and needs to perform very well in a variety of conditions. The first element of this equation is the new lightweight diamond chassis that is optimised for better rigidity. The suspension setup has not changed much and still employs 41 mm telescopic forks at the front and a monocross at the rear. These two keep the ride plush while also giving it stability and confidence on corners. Wide 100/80 front and 140/60 rear tyres give it solid grip on all kinds of surfaces and with a low curb weight of 131 kg, it is a breeze to swing out on corners. Still, with a convenient seat height of 790 mm and wide and comfortable handlebars, it has a relaxed riding posture and remains comfortable on long rides.

The Yamaha FZi is a bit old and a soft. But this makes it versatile and easy to use. And pretty cheap too. And for that price, you get a very stylish, sporty and dynamic motorcycle that gives you all the thrills without taxing your body or your wallet in a big way. With the FZi, Yamaha continues to prove that even commuter motorcycles that are built to a price, do not need to be boring or bland to look at.

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