5 Awesome Fictional Cars That You’d Wanna Own

  • Apr 14, 2016

Although one can choose from a variety of car models according to their need or profession, there are some times when it becomes really hard for the real world manufacturers to fulfill the auto geeks’ unimaginable demands. It is during these times that we want to move away from reality and immerse ourselves in the world of fiction in the hope of finding our dream car.

Yes, there are a few premium car brands such as Mercedes, Tesla, Lexus and Lamborghini etc. that have constantly tried to bring the awesomeness of your dream car into the car of your dreams. But we have to agree that we’re still far from seeing the fictional automotive technology depicted in various works of fiction including movies, TV Shows, comic books, video games and graphic novels etc. But thanks to whatever limited technology that we have, there are some dream cars that actually exist in real life. You could own these if you have the fortune to spend, but even if you can’t there’s no one stopping you from checking out their awesomeness right here.

Mach 5

1. Speed Racer Mach 5

Speed Racer A.K.A Mach GoGo (in Japan) was an iconic animated TV series in the 60s and became famous worldwide as a pop culture icon during the 1970’s and again during the 1990’s. The show involved an ironically named race car driver ‘Speed Racer’ (Yes, that’s his real full name and not a pseudonym) who fought the corruption in the world of racing. But all his awesomeness would be nothing without the uber cool race car named Mach 5. Although it is hard to find a fully-functional model with all working gadgets from the show (especially the ability to drive on walls), there is a street legal version that is powered by a monstrous V8 engine.

Mystery Machine

2. Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

Now, this vehicle might attract more hippies than fans of the immensely famous cartoon show Scooby Doo so owners beware. First appeared on the aforementioned TV show back in 1969, the Mystery Machine is a Dodge Ram Van that became the Mystery Gang’s staple ghost busting vehicle. Known for its iconic paint job with the words “Mystery Machine’, which is a nod to the hippy culture explosion during the 70’s. Some might consider the vehicle’s paintwork to be too loud for being used in detective work, it still accompanied Scooby Doo and the Gang to every case they cracked, appearing nearly on every show. While one might be able to recreate this vehicle by simply renovating an old Dodge Ram but the most famous and functioning replicas belongs to Michael Yates. Believe it or not, he purchased the vehicle 39 years from its original painter for only USD 800.

Twin Mill

3. Hot Wheels Twin Mill

One cannot be considered a true auto geek if he hasn’t owned a single hot wheels car in his life. Launched in 1968, the Hot wheels brand of die-cast toy cars was a division of the legendary toy brand Mattel that produced miniaturized replicas of real life cars. The company went as far as getting proper design licenses from car manufacturers to ensure high realism in their toys. But that’s not all, the company soon became a tour-de-force when it comes to bringing fictional design in an automobile through their toys and inspired several changes in automobile designing. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the iconic toy brand decided to blow up their famous Twin-mill model to real size that was unveiled at the 2001 SEMA convention in Las Vegas.

DMC Time Machine

4. Back to the Future’s Delorean DMC 12

One of the most iconic depictions of time travel in cinema, the 1985 Sci-fi comedy Back to the Future not only became a pop culture staple but also introduced what one can call the coolest time machine ever. The movie features a highly remodeled version of a Delorean DMC 12 that was powered by what is called a ‘miniaturized Flux Capacitor’ for traveling at various points in the space-time continuum. Yes, we know time travel isn’t possible in real life (at least, the government’s not telling), but this uber awesome car is certainly a dream for many auto geeks across the globe. One can always recreate this time traveling hot rod provided they can shell out enough cash.


5. Knight Rider’s KITT

No list of the best fictional cars is complete without mentioning this genre defining chassis from the 1982 TV series ‘Knight Rider’. The series follows the adventures of Michael Knight (portrayed by David Hasselhoff) who fended off crime using his highly advanced supercar named KITT. Although the TV series depiction of a self-aware and nearly indestructible car is still a dream that hasn’t been realized in real life, but one can always get their hands on the street ready replica for USD 300, 000. The vehicle features several minor gadgets from the TV show along with a few new ones but sadly doesn’t comes close to being the ultimate badass as shown on TV.

There’s a difference between a car that suits your pocket and a car that suits your personality. With that been said, the above cars are strictly for those who are brave or awesome (or rich) enough to ride these badass babies on city streets.

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