Top 5 Car Accessories that Entice Women

  • May 03, 2016

Women have different preferences and priorities as compared to men, be it clothes, gadgets, accessories or any other stuff, there choices differ extensively. The choice of selection of a car also differs in case of women. They give importance to stuff like looks, style, comfort and color rather than how much power does the engine churns out or how economical the car is. The same scenario can be seen when we talk about accessories women want in their cars while men would definitely hate them. Being a man myself, I have compiled a list of few accessories that are annoying for me but I am pretty sure that girls would just drool over them.

When we talk about car accessories, the things which strike our minds include seat covers, steering cover, air freshener, trash bags, sill plates, alloy wheels, in-car infotainment system, woofers, hangings tied to IRVM, foot mats and more. However, few above mentioned things would definitely not attract women, but few of them which would make them crazy for sure are as follows.


Seat Covers

Seat covers reflect comfort, style, look and feel of a car. Earlier, there were limited options for the consumers to opt for but now the customizable options available in the market are immense. They can be altered according to the requirements and wishes. Designs on offer are diverse, you can either choose for a tiger print, a polka dot design, diamond style cover or any random abstract print. Not only design and styling but they are extremely comfortable as well. As we all know women and fashion go hand in hand, this is another way for girls to flaunt their style.

car floor mats

Floor mats

Another car accessory that can aid in the styling of your car is the floor mat. There are several options available with floor mats keeping women in mind, which not only protect the car’s floor to a great extent but also gives your car a super funky look. Anti-fading colored and printed mats are available that ensure you carry your style wherever you go.

car steering cover

Steering wheel cover

An attractive and comfortable grip is all you want. Bright designs, colorful covers and personalised grips are on offer by different manufacturers of car accessories. The grip and hold over the steering are really important while on the go and the stylish cover takes care of the same perfectly, giving a new look to your boring multi-function steering wheel by wrapping it inside a stylish, bright and anti-slip steering covering. Grab the cover of your favorite color and design so you don’t get bored quickly due to the same.

trash bags for car

Trash bags

Trash bags are very important for your car. They help you in keeping your four-wheeled road beauty clean and hygienic. It is a general phenomenon that we unwrap a chocolate inside the car and leave the wrapper either on the dash or in the side pocket of the door. These coverings hang around in the car for quite some time as we tend to be a little careless. Trash bags help in collecting the waste at once, which you can easily dispose of later without any hassle. You can select a bag that’s trendy, innovative and light in weight. There is a wide range of the trash bags available in the market made up of different materials, designs, styles and sizes. Pick a perfect piece of the same according to your taste, car and storage available inside the cabin.

air freshener for car

Air Freshener

The fragrance is another factor that women give importance to as soon as they enter the car. And why not, who would like to sit in a car that’s smelly. Fragrance set the mood of a passenger and it becomes a necessity to have a good air freshener inside your car. You can choose from n’ number of choices and flavours available like strawberry, smooth cologne, flower scent and more. Car accessories market offer a wide range of fresheners that are stylish, sleek and long lasting, and making it a part of your car would only extend its interior appeal.

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