5 Trademark Grilles That Define Which Company The Car Belongs

  • Apr 13, 2016

MANILA: If you are a regular visitor of CarBay, then you must know what we usually cook up, you can find articles on the top cars, stuff on why to go for a particular car or brand, battle clashes and what not. This time we have come up with something different for our visitors, not some very popular automobiles but some very popular trademark grilles to celebrate the upcoming grilling summer. There's a lot in the automotive industry to cover but here are some of our favs and we bet these are your favs too. Let's have a look:

BMW 'Kidney' Front Grille:

BMW Grille

BMW apart from its performance and luxury is popularly known for its 'kidney-shaped' grille but this was not the shape when it first landed in 1933. Instead, the grille was in the shape of two tall ovals meant to increase its aerodynamics. Over time, the ovals got widened and became the iconic kidney grille we know today.

Kia 'tiger-nose' Grille:

KIA Grille

Kia has worked very hard on its models' appearance and most noticeable change that can be seen in its models is the grille. Like many other brands, Kia has also developed a signature grille shaped which make its car stand out in the crowd. Kia proudly calls its prominent snout as 'Tiger-nose' front grille.

Chevrolet 'dual-port' grille:

Chevrolet Grille

Chevrolet's signature design cues includes its trademark dual-port grille sporting a gold bowtie that gives it a bold yet elegant look.

Lexus 'Spindle' Grille:

Lexus Grille

To some Lexus' spindle grille is downright plain and ugly, but to Tokuo Fukuichi global chief of Lexus, this spindle grille gives Lexus a unique look and make it outshine its German rivals BMW, Merc and Audi. This bold grille is the outcome of Lexus design evolution as first half of the grille was introduced in 2005 in an attempt to create a signature face of the brand leading to the second half of the grille-now known as spindle grille.

Jaguar 'mesh' front grille:

Jaguar Grille

Enjoy the exterior of Jaguar with its eye-catching mesh front grille which makes an immediate statement among its fans. The brand has adopted the woven or mesh design to take on the likes of BMW and Lexus.

What did we miss? Tell us your favorite Grille in the comments below.

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