5 ways the Ford Territory excels in the city and roads less traveled

5 ways the Ford Territory excels in the city and roads less traveled

SUVs — such as Ford's crossover SUV contender, the Territory — are usually the kind of cars that are expected to do everything, from the daily commuting on weekdays to the out-of-town jaunts on the weekends. 


  • How much is the Ford Territory?

    The Territory retails for P1.227 and P1.31 million for its two variants, Trend and Titanium Plus, respectively.
  • What are the notable features of the Ford Territory Titanium?

    The Territory in Titanium Plus guise is equipped with nifty features such as a 360-degree-view camera, and active park assist for parallel and perpendicular parking.
  • During two occasions, we get reacquainted with the hot-selling Territory, and found that it can cope on paved terrain as well as on roads less traveled. Credit goes to the Territory's features — some of which are exclusive to the Territory Titanium Plus (P1.31-million) variant we drove — that make the car fit for those two purposes. 

    Here are five of the Territory's features and qualities that make it an acceptable city- and road trip vehicle. 

    Parking assist features

    Looking for a parking space in this city is already a chore on its own, and, thankfully, the Territory takes care of half the work as it can park itself into parallel or perpendicular spaces. 

    Ford Territory

    Once switched on, the Territory's enhanced active park assist looks for a suitable parking space as you drive along a queue of parked cars. Prompts on the dashboard and sounds will tell you it's found a space, and to select reverse for it to begin the maneuver. You need to apply the brakes and shift to reverse or drive when necessary, but the system will steer the car and adjust its position into the space. 

    360-degree-view camera

    Whether you choose to let the car park itself or do the parking yourself, the Territory's 360-degree view gives you, well, visuals of the car's surroundings.

    Ford Territory

    With this feature, you'll be able to avoid hitting curbs or other objects when parking or running at slow speeds, and even spot rocks and other obstacles when off-roading. 

    Panoramic sunroof 

    Unlike many other vehicles, the Territory's panoramic sunroof extends a good way all the way back to the rear passengers. The expansive glass allows a view of the city skyline or the night sky. 

    Ford Territory

    The sunroof also allows more light into the Territory Titanium's cabin, which is equipped with niceties such as leather seats, rear A/C vents, mood lighting, and good head- and legroom all around. 

    Good all-around visibility and 180mm ground clearance  

    Speaking of glass, well, the Territory offers better all-around visibility than you'd expect from its slim windows. Since this is paired to that aforementioned 360-degree-view camera, then placing the Territory on surfaces with the most grip and less tire-ripping rocks when off-roading, for instance, is easy. 

    Ford Territory

    And speaking of off-roading, the Territory can hold its own in light off-roading excursions, despite it driving its front wheels only. This comes courtesy of the Territory's 180mm ground clearance with generous departure- and breakover angles. 

    Adequate power 

    Under the hood is of the Territory is a turbocharged 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine, which sends 141hp and 225Nm of torque through a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The mill provides an acceptable amount of push when overtaking slower moving traffic in the city, as well as powering the Territory out of bogs on slippery surfaces. 

    With this turbo engine, we saw the Territory achieve 7 to 8kpl in the city and 10 to 12kpl on the open road. 

    Ford Territory

    Now, talking about the Territory's capabilities is one thing and showing them off is another. Watch as we take the Territory on an adventure — how does taking a front-wheel drive vehicle light off-roading sound? — in the ZIGWHEELS PHILIPPINES YouTube channel soon. 

    Photos from Dylan Afuang 


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