Creative Commercials That Were Wonderstruck at Every Nook & Corner

  • Nov 24, 2015

In realistic context, how often have you turned the volume of your Television on mute while watching your favorite film, or a soap where a commercial shows up suddenly from nowhere leaving you in an engrossed position. Well, this story isn't just confined to you as a viewer, rather it occurs almost with each individual who gets displeased so much so that they end up labeling the commercials as an “Unwelcome Segment of their Viewing Experience.” Under that circumstance, they opt one of the two options that they occupy themselves with some 'in-middle' chores or mute it for complete ignorance.

So, in this reference we can certainly state that the advertisers own the baggage of being sluggish in terms of their presentation! Isn't It?? As, how would people be aware of a brand's product at the initial stage, when they are least inclined towards knowing/watching it? Hang on and lie back, we aren't here for any kind of blame game.

Let's have a look in the direction of the Commercials that have proved to be wonder struck in every nook and corner:-

Video Courtesy: TheyLiveandWeSleepTV

1) Hands On Honda: (Technology Driven)

This commercial gives a flash from the past of Honda's 65 years of the voyage in terms of its vehicular renovation. This comprises of how inquisitiveness can set off diverse ideas and evolve into very new vehicles, coming into existence from a singular nut bolt till a massive plane, very creatively emblazoned through vehicle model dummies. It also introduces the vault over of this brand through varied vehicles altering from one stage/form into the other till these many years (Engineered by Japenese). Truly a commendable job for exhibiting a technology driven commercial through the functioning of “Out of the Box” perspective.

Video Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz NL

2) Mercedes-Benz commercial "Kip": (Innovative & Entertaining)

The introductory illustration of this advertisement sparks curiosity for the viewers and slowly follows through the pace in give an introduction of the magic body control (flexibility) & stability at all times encapsulated in the Intelligent Drive in Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Well, hope you have not started tapping your foot feeling popped up to dance with the rhythm of this track! Yes, we know it's certainly very entertaining and basic still filled in the capacity of revolution. Let's go ahead on to the next commercial which is packed with maximal creativity.

 Video Courtesy: Honda Suisse

3) Honda - The Cog: (Creative)

How's the experience when you ease up in a theater viewing a flick, which is produced through spectacular music Dolby effect, high-end screenplay, a narrative rolling on with actors enacting their character role? Hold back!! We aren't giving voice about a movie out here instead speaking about this commercial, which stands alike to a movie screenplay that can leave the viewer captivated to the screen. With no human participation, this Honda video advertisement has amazeballs music effects, astounding cinematography with a story like an effect which increments the curiosity level at every second. This has been the candyfloss for film producers/enthusiasts and technology savvy people together with the layman off course. Entirely this video showcases how rapidly the car operates (presentation through each component existent in the car) and accommodates its functionality with the thrust of the driving pattern.

 Video Courtesy: SkodaIreland

4) Skoda Fabia Cake, Full of Lovely Stuff: (Entertaining)

How would be that morning where you find yourself hovered by a heap of cakes and pastries?? Wow! Isn't that a palatable euphoric feeling by and large? Stop! Hold On! We aren't throwing a party cherishing our association through these all-encompassing and innovatory articles. Nevertheless, we entirely wish to refer that these toothsome desserts are in context with this advertisement that displays a car created through food ingredients. This compelling and entertaining video proposes to present that every car component/accessory gives an incredible feeling that has been fabricated with ardour and commitment. Additionally, as the theme conveys it is assembled of all the lovely stuff set in place by Skoda. The “Lost for words” feeling is due to the engineers pictured by cooks who build the parts of the vehicle with the usage of varied ingredients, which later transforms into a full-grown car!

 Video Courtesy: Lloyd Lee Choi

5) 2014 Chevy Commercial – Maddie: (Emotion Evoking)

Do you reminisce reading those childhood/imaginative story books which made you dewy-eyed at times? If yes, then you can surely connect with this Chevrolet commercial implying a narrative. “A true friend is someone who is there for you when he'd be rather by anywhere else” that's how this commercial showcases a variety of scenes through a narrative method. It connects the viewer through the emotionally draining voyage of a human and an animal denoting the car as the premise. Outlining the Brand Loyalty with regards to its owner is the essence of this video.

We can now come to the conclusion by stating that: “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected” as accurately quoted by William Pollard. These brands have totally made their mark and have come out with flying colors through the entertaining, enthralling, filled with creativity, technology driven, out of the box and emotion-stimulating commercial advertisements. These showcased commercials have been proficient in shining above all the negative beliefs leaving the audience mesmeric, and have also been victorious in creating a masterpiece. So much so that the advertisement just needs to initiate at its own stride and till it even reaches half way through, one can really bring to mind the accurate run down sequences shot by shot in the form of a slideshow without even completely watching it until the end. Eureka! They stepped up, and undoubtedly not only brought out the “Brand Awareness” for themselves but also a deep-rooted “Brand Recall.”


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