How Toyota Managed The Epitome Of Success

  • Apr 01, 2016

MANILA: The automotive world has grown leaps and bounds in the recent past. With a number of new brands coming in and several brands working on technologies that once looked “just a thought”, the automobile world is surely witnessing some serious makeovers. Brands from Japan, Korea, Germany, and America are constantly working on improving the driving dynamics and design in order to offer the world, unbelievable. In the thrust to create something awesome, the automotive brands have tried their hands on every aspect ranging from, cruise control to turbocharging, hybrid technology to pure electric supercharged cars and more. We can even expect driverless cars running on roads, as the Selfless driving mechanism is under development and might roll out from the production plants as soon as the concept moves out from tech as well as feasibility issues. However, in this course of time, Toyota has stood tall against the high tides and stiff competition. Toyota has granted the world with incredible vehicles ever since its existence, which can be regarded as the epitome of reliability, trust, safety, comfort, and performance. In terms of sales, it has ruled the automotive world from past 30 years or so, which isn’t limited globally but also in the Philippines. It has been quite obvious nowadays that the first rank will be bagged by Toyota turning down the competition from other brands.

vios front view

Talking about the last year, Toyota has bagged the four spots out of top five on the sales chart giving a dreadful defeat to other brands. Out of the top ten best-selling models in the Philippines, Toyota has five of them including Vios, Fortuner, Innova, Hiace and Wigo not exactly in that order from the top. In the Philippines, the brand has recorded an outstanding sales figure of 323,928 units in 2015, which accounts for the 20% rise as compared to the previous year, 2014. This clearly indicates the dominance of the automaker in the Philippines and shows the trust, love, and reliability shown by the Filipinos towards the brand. This is the sixth time straight when the Japanese auto manufacturer has registered the top spot in Philippines auto market demolishing the chance of others to climb up.

Fortuner front view

Models that have ruled the auto market in the Philippines are Vios, Innova, Hiace, and Fortuner. Toyota Vios has accumulated a lot of love from the people in the Philippines, which is reflected in its sales numbers for the last year. It was the trendsetter last year as it became the first vehicle to be rolled out more than 30,000 times in a single year in the Philippines. A total of 33,173 units of Vios were sold last year while the second spot was grabbed by Innova with 17,011 units sold. The third in the list of the top-selling model in 2015 was the luxury commuter bus, Hiace, which contributed with an excelling number of 16,675 units to the brand’s sales. However, Toyota Fortuner, a premium SUV from the fleet of Toyota vehicles saw a decline of 15% yet managed to be in top five selling cars of the year. Toyota Wigo, another exciting production from the Japanese marque saw a growth percentage of 48%.

Learning about the aforementioned figures, it is clear and evident that how popular, demanding and loved is this company from Japan is. It is undoubtedly the undisputed champion in the automotive sector of the globe.


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